Monday, December 16, 2013

Golden Time Episode 11 - Part-time Jobs and Cosplay

Part-time Jobs…I need to find some…BIG TIME!

Well without further ado and ignoring the fact I'm jobless at my age and never worked in a job (but I will eventually), let’s begin this Episode Review.

This episode starts off with Banri looking at mirror that Koko gave him and he feels to be better. He heads out and Koko is waiting for him.

At the subway, Koko tells Banri that the Festival Club members are calling her RoboGirl and Banri said it’s true because her Awa Dance looks like she is dancing like robot. After that, Koko said that once summer break starts, they have the Awa Festival and their date in the beach while Banri monologues that he couldn’t ask her if she knows about the picture of him and Linda in High School without having any proof and that he has felling for Linda.

After the opening, The Festival Club have a meeting in the college and according to President Kosshi, they have only two more days to practice with each other since he couldn’t book the room and said the if all else fails, he and Linda will stand out more than the others since they're in front (aka acting captains) and have fancier outfits.

Are you jealous or something Banri?

Once the meeting’s dismissed, Koko tells Banri that they should go to a café and Banri tells her to go ahead then asks the men in the club to tell him about the area so he knows where to go for his beach date with Koko but they decided to have a little fun with Banri.

Banri then tells them to stop and ask them where to go and which train to take to go to the beach but then they said you can’t bring a pretty rich girl to the subway every time they go out and then later asked him if he has money to for it but Banri said no and they give him an idea to get a part-time job.

At the café, Koko said no to Banri having a part-time job because she won’t see him as much. Then Banri tells her that he needs money before he can take her to the beach but then Koko said that she’ll take Banri to the beach instead.

Not exactly

Apparently, she said that so she can see and spend time with him more.

Overly. Attached. GIRLFRIEND.

After Koko talking about wishing Banri he was small and protect him at all costs, Chinami shows up and asks Banri if his injury is okay but then Koko decides to leave then Chinami decides to leave since she has to go to her part-time job. Banri then tells Chinami that he’s looking for a part-time job but Koko doesn’t want him to and then Chinami said that her work is looking for part-timers and it appears that they decided to tag along.

In the café that Chinami works, Banri and Koko are looking around. Chinami checks on them and asks Banri if this place is great but Koko is like No.

On the second half, Banri sees Nana and pays her back the Taxi fee during his fever time along with some cookies as a thank you. Nana then says thank Linda as well but then Banri looks down. Nana asks him what’s wrong but he said that he’s looking for a job and apparently Nana knows a Job that he can do and get some cash but her condition is that he brings Mitsuo with him.

The next day, Banri talks with Mitsuo about the part-time job Nana was talking about and then the Main Tea club Members arrived and overhearing them looking for a part-time job. They try and persuade them to sign a contract that leads to their hell and Banri and Mitsuo escaped. Once free from their sight, Mitsuo decides to join Banri and Banri tells him to not tell Koko about this.

At the night of the job, Mitsuo heads for Banri’s place, Banri gives Koko a text saying that He’s still writing his report, and they leave for the venue.

At the venue, they meet up with Nana and they head inside. Inside…

Good Luck Mitsuo

If Banri changed his eye colour, he would’ve looked like Tobiichi Origami from Date A Live lol

Persuasion and Motivation…That works haha

While the party is going on, Banri and Mitsuo were chatting about if either Chinami or Koko see them but then the fabulous fat gay bastard takes Mitsuo and tells him he’s gonna entertain the guests.

Wow… Nana looks good in the twin devil Cosplay

Well hello Linda (^_^)

Uh huh…

I enjoy where this is going (^_^)

In the end, Koko tries to call Banri’s cell phone.

Wait…She knows this whole time?! (O_O; )

Summary-wise, Banri wants a part-time job to pay for his and Koko’s trip to the beach but Koko doesn’t want him to yet Banri’s looking for one anyway and then Nana knows a job he can do and forces him to bring Mitsuo along and it turns out it’s some masquerade/Cosplay party where Banri dresses up as a Maid and Mitsuo as a nudist man candy with Nana and the sexy Linda as twin devils and things will continue in the next episode.

Probably the best episode I’ve seen in this series but I wonder what will happen in the upcoming episodes? Will the next episode tell us the deciding factor with Banri and Linda? Will Koko bring it to the next Level of being an “Overly Attached Girlfriend”? Is Mitsuo going to get bum rushed by many men? (95% for sure that is probably gonna happen)

I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko


  1. Plot twist! Mitsuo and Banri end up together xD

    Seriously though, thanks to the OP, it's clear who he ends up choosing - we just watch all the rocky moments they go through in order to become the couple in the OP >_>

  2. "If Banri changed his eye colour, he would’ve looked like Tobiichi Origami from Date A Live lol"

    Oh god now that's the stuff nightmares are born from right there.

    And Mitsuo, man he got the bad end of that deal. Dressing up as a maid beats wearing next to nothing any day.

    And Koko has that picture, I thought so. That will be something sparks will fly over.

    Oh the drama! I can't wait till next week!

    And nice new layout on the site, looks good.