Friday, December 27, 2013

Golden Time Episode 12 - Banri, Koko, and Linda

Banri’s decision is revealed!

Without further ado, let’s begin this Episode Review. (I really need to stop rhyming…)

This episode starts off from the end of episode 11 with Banri and Linda finding out they’re both working in this part-time job while Koko is trying to text Banri and revealing that she knows about the relationship about the two.

After the opening, the party continues and Mitsuo is getting a lot of men and women wanting to take pictures with him. Banri and Linda started chatting about Mitsuo and then Mitsuo escapes and then finds out Linda is also working with them.

Mitsuo then compliments on Linda’s Cosplay which made Linda blush and then Nana shows up and tells Mitsuo that the boss wants him to go up on stage with an increased pay if he does it with Banri, Linda, and Nana saying that he should do it.


Back to the Party.


Oh boy… Banri’s about to get laid…And he got saved by Linda again…

Hello~ Motivation! (^_^)

Back with Koko.

Back to the Party again, the celebrant blows out the candles and the party continues on!

Looks like Mitsuo is all lubed up and roaring to go! haha

Some Linda Pics

 Again with Koko.

Returning to the Party…

Linda’s Oppai angles (^_^)

I like where this is going (^_^)

Nothing wrong here (^_^)

Still enjoying it (^_^)

On the second half, after that amazing slap from Koko, Linda tries to say sorry to Koko but Nana pulled her back while Banri brought her to the back and tries to explain to Koko that he’s working now and ask to continue this conversation at his apartment.

And no fun after that.

After the Party, Everyone got their pay.

Banri then sprints back to his apartment and meets with Koko inside after looking at his phone with all text messages from her.

Inside, Koko apologizes to Banri for all the stuff she did at that party and said that she failed at being a good girlfriend again. Then Banri apologizes to Koko for lying to her and getting the job without her knowing just so he can pay for their trip and not the other way around (aka a cool boyfriend) and finding out Linda was working there was just a coincidence.

Then Koko whips out the Picture of Banri and Linda in their High school days and Banri tells her everything right to the point of still having feelings for Linda and a reason why he never told Koko in the first place.

Okay…Just gonna fast forward and say everything’s forgiven at that point…And they finally call each other by their first names

Now for the disappointing part, Banri meets up with Linda and they talked by the river about their past.

Banri then takes out the picture and told Original Banri that Linda will never fall for him and asks him to disappear but Original Banri doesn’t want to and wants to be with Linda. Banri then drops the Photo.

In the end, Linda then picks up the photo and then Banri requests that from now on, he want her to pretend that they didn’t know each other which then made Linda rip up the photo along with some lost feelings (I think).

And now, Banri is taking a pictures of Koko.

Summary-wise in point form:
·       Banri and Linda have fun
·       Koko throws drink and slaps Banri
·       Banri tries to regain Koko’s trust back
·       Koko tells Banri she knows
·       Banri tells the truth
·       Banri x Koko is still on
·       Banri talks to Linda
·       No more Banri x Linda
·       Linda tears up photo
·       No more Banri x Linda
·       I still want Banri x Linda but I think she’ll get someone better than him

No after thoughts on this one, just inner hate for Banri.

I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko


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