Saturday, December 07, 2013

Love Live School Idol Project OVA and 6th Single “Music S.T.A.R.T.„ - Maki is a Loli as well as µ's Center!

*chanting* Idols! Idols! µ's! µ's! (^o^)
 *cough* Must keep a level head while reviewing this...hehe (^_^; )

The OVA starts off with Maki running off in what appears to be a hallway that leads to a church where she gets captured by…


Huh? Kayochin?

Apparently, it was all a dream Maki had and she told Hayano about but freaked her out. Then Maki asks her if this is still part of a dream which freaks Hayano again.

Then she said it was fun though it was a dream while looking outside with the breeze blowing on her and then the Title shows up with Maki going to play the Piano but…

The keys are not making any sounds


After getting freaked out by the loli, Maki starts giving her a lecture but then she know this loli and the sky darkens…

At the rooftop, Hayano tells Rin, Eri, Nozomi, Niko, Kotori, Umi, and Honoka that Maki isn’t coming to practice making them worry about her thinking it’s a cold and Rin decides that they should end practice early and check on her with Honoka and the others agreeing.

During Nozomi’s teasing with Niko…

Is it a bird?
No…It’s a Loli!

They begin leaving the school and start heading for Maki’s place then Nozomi wants to take a detour like go get a gift type and they all agree but then Eri forgot her textbook and told them to go ahead but they decide to wait for her instead.

Inside the school…


*cough* Inside the school, Eri heads for the classroom and grabs her book.

Dat Shadow (O_O;)

She goes out of the classroom and notices that the shadow is going downstairs then some aurora looking party lights appear and tries to follow that shadow.

This almost looks like the shadow of a Loli

While running, the scenery changes one more time to a dark hallway with lights and an exit.


At the end of that hallway, Eri is back at the entrance of the school meeting back with the others.

It’s suddenly night time and it’s a shocker to everyone and then…

A Loli Maki Appears!!

It appears that Loli Maki likes them

Rin is fascinated, Hayano is assuming they traveled back, Niko can’t believe Loli Maki looks cuter than her, and Honoka asks her if this is a dream and Loli Maki said yes and it’s a never-ending party.

Loli Maki then said that she had known them since before µ's was made as well as long before because she always…

Ehhh?! Looks like Loli Maki is evolving!

Woo! Loli Maki has reverted back to the cute and sexy Idol Maki!

Everyone was surprised (with Honoka being amazed) and told Maki that they were worried about her and thought that she had a cold and now confirmed that they’re inside of someone’s dream.

Then Honoka goes back to thing that Loli Maki was going to say but Maki was trying to dodge the question. Then it goes to Loli Maki and she says that she has always liked them all.

Loli Maki: Never-Ending Party! Let’s Go!

Now this is where the PV starts. This song (as also mentioned in the Title of the blog post) is called “Music S.T.A.R.T.„ (This song is so catchy that I've repeated it for almost 20+ times!)

If you want to see the PV, I found a -> link <- that you can watch it.
If you do not want to see it or you already watched it, here are some pictures of the PV.

And that's that.

I think I emphasized a little too much on the Loli than the idols on this one… (^_^;)
But either way, this OVA was solely on Maki because she is this Live’s center and Maki is freaking cute!

Any Love Live µ's fans here? Who's your favourite?
As for me, it's Kotori!

I know there’s a season 2 com’in up in the Spring Season and I ultimately can’t wait for it!! (^_^)
So for now, till next time! µ's, Music~ START! \(^o^)/

- Fuuko


  1. I just finished watching Love Live and the OVA, really good anime, I enjoyed it a lot. The OVA was pretty fun and for me I totally thought of Inception for some reason. I was almost waiting for "Dream is Collapsing" to start playing as Eri was running down that disco hallway. Then the PV at the end, so awesome, I loved it so much!

    I gotta say, Maki might just be my favorite, Nozomi coming in second. I can't wait for season 2 this spring, I'll be beside myself when it starts. Couple that with Date A Live season 2, I'll be a dazed trying to take it all in.

    (By the way, this is the song I'm referring to: )