Tuesday, December 17, 2013

IS: Infinite Stratos 2 Episode 11 - Attacked Again!

What started out as an ordinary field trip turns out to be a little more interactive than Ichika and everyone else thought it'd be.

Infinite Stratos Episode 11

I want a surprise Tatenashi in my suitcase :(
LOL force her back in!
Impossible desu~
LOL desperate 
But it's okay for you Laura<3
You guys on a date?!
Um, are the proportions...REALLY OFF or is it just me
Zombie eyes wtf LOL
This is..too normal
Infinite Stratos - where the MC complains about oppai in his face
Bye bye nudez
Probably a clone or water clone or whatever
Kanzashi the "Super Hacka"
Crazy lady is back



One thing I've noticed, is that the budget hasn't increased at all judging from the animation. There was this one still shot used that I really picked up on and usually stills are detailed but this one was just horrible. It was the one with the water and a bird on a post or something. Not to mention the action scenes IS does have are fairly lacking.

The girls are literally what's keeping this show up. They are almost unrivaled but whether or not this terrible MC compliments them is up to you guys. Charlotte, my favorite girl, is still my #1 (lol did that even make sense?) with Laura, Tatenashi and Houki following behind. And for some reason, Lin looks...cuter xD

I'm surprised that they actually brought some plot into this, longer than 2 minutes. This looks like the final situation since next episode is slated to be the final. Madoka confronts Ichika (useless) while Miss Autumn is up against Houki and (surprisingly) Cecilia. Everyone else is trapped on the train but with Chifuyu in the mix there, it shouldn't be a problem.

Now, how will IS2 turn out? The fanservice route or will it end serious?



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