Thursday, December 05, 2013

Golden Time Episode 9 - If only...

Current Banri and Koko, Original Banri and Linda, both outstanding relationships but what will happen if…

Well, I’ll leave these questions for later. Let’s begin the Episode Review.

This episode continues off from the end of Episode 8 where Current Banri asked Linda if she wants to go back to the place where he used to be and shouted “I want to go back!” which shocks both Linda and himself but Linda just told him that he just fell asleep and want him to go back and get some rest and parted ways with Original Banri does his monologue and says that he still loves Linda and if he could, be with her forever but he has to an eye on Current Banri or he actually disappears (or feels like he will).

After the Opening, Chinami and Koko are awake early, cleaned up a little bit, Chinami said their goodbyes and left.

Later on, Koko never showed up at the College for a few days since according to Chinami, Koko is sick. By the time when she returned, Banri asks her if she was okay and she says she’s fine and they head off to practice with the festival club.

At the club, Banri worries about Koko then the upperclassmen plays around with Banri and says that they heard him and Koko are dating while putting him in a headlock and tickling him but Linda separated them and asks if Banri’s okay with Koko looking depressed.

Then their Costumes arrived and they look amazing.

Especially the ladies!! Woo!! (^o^)

After practice, Banri complements Koko saying that she looks great in Japanese clothes but then notices that something is wrong with her. It starts to rain and they hide under a bridge. Then Koko asks Banri questions like if he loves her and if he will be with her forever.

Banri asks her why is she saying these she said she feels uneasy and has been thinking of Negative thoughts as well as that she feels anxious and want to be cute to Banri. Banri then begins apologizing to Koko and says that it’s all his fault and hugs her and then says that there is no need to worry and everything is fine and they kissed.

After that, Original Banri monologues saying that he did something similar with Linda and a flashback begins. It happens during the warm spring or summer time with Banri and Linda as high school students. For the first time we see Linda’s big brother who they call “Ani” training the soccer club.

He is super happy since he’s about to get married to his fiancé later on but Linda tells Banri that she feels that his fiancé is cheating on him and actually saw with another person and Linda decides to get her in the act with Banri agreeing and tagging along with her.

Later that day, they found her van about to park near an apartment complex and saw the beautiful fiancé and the lucky bastard get out of her van and went to the lucky bastard’s apartment. During that course, they were taking pictures.

Hours pasts [HOW LONG WERE THESE PEOPLE AT IT?!?! (O_O; )] and it hits evening, Linda then changes her mind and asks Banri to delete them but he refuses but she deletes them anyway then Linda says she’s gonna wear a face of an adult and talk to her face to face.

The fiancé finally leaves the apartment and Linda goes in front of her and says, “we need to talk”. While they were talking, Banri was on guard and sees that the bastard was looking at them. For the whole conversation, that bastard was still watching them and never moved an inch so Banri escorts Linda and they leave.

At the convenience store, Linda tells Banri their conversation and then says that if she forgets it, everything will be fine but Banri says every disadvantage about what she’s about to do which made Linda agree and starts crying.

Banri later apologizes for crossing the line and Linda says she doesn’t know what to do for living a lie that her brother doesn’t know about the event and Banri said that she’s not alone and that he also saw the whole thing as well and that he will always be by her side.

Back to the present, Linda meets up with Current Banri with Original Banri watching them. Linda then asks Banri why he’s alone and wants to know where Koko at. Banri told her that Koko’s cold returned and can’t show up. Linda then teases him and Banri asks her what she did on her weekend and she said that she went home and suddenly met her brother there which surprised Current Banri since he doesn’t know. Linda then cut the conversation short and left for class.

While Current Banri was sleeping, Original Banri was wondering if he looked at Linda at the eye and said his answered before, would these events turn out differently and suddenly, he closes his eyes but to regain consciousness in his body.

Oh boy… Linda, he’s back…

This Episode concerns both Current Banri’s relationship with Koko and Original Banri’s relationship with Linda on how to stop an affair that might ruin lives. Summary-wise, Koko feels that Banri will never be with her forever but Banri said otherwise, a flashback with Banri and Linda with dealing with Linda’s brother’s fiancé and Banri telling Linda that she can trust him no matter what, back with the present with Current Banri and Linda with Original Banri staying at the sidelines watching as well as monologuing, and Original Banri returning to his body with the plan on seeing Linda that will occur in episode 10.

This is getting more and more interesting!! (^_^) But does that mean there are 2 Banri’s in one body? Will their memories fuse together? What happens if Current Banri regains consciousness? Will Current Banri be the spirit this time? Will Original Banri break up with Koko? What about Linda or Koko or the others? How will they react to this?

I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko


  1. Man the ending of that ep... I can't wait to see how it's going to play out in ep 10!!

    Nice review by the way!


  2. Thanks man :D

    And yeah, I can't wait to see episode 10 as well. That ending of episode 9 already got asking multiple questions aka the one's I stated in my thoughts and I really wanna know if my assumptions are true or not :)

  3. Here's what I think -> that "lucky bastard" is the one who ended up hitting Banri causing him to have amnesia. Oh, and I love how you referred to him as the lucky bastard the whole time haha. Episode 10 today :D

  4. I actually never thought of that...
    Nice assumption Tada-bosu! (^_-)b