Monday, December 16, 2013

Little Busters!: Refrain Episode 11 - The End of the World

The Secret of the World has been exposed to Riki, and is there really nothing he can do about it? It's time for them to face reality.

Little Busters!: Refrain Episode 11

Yup, Komari
Mio T_T
Haru-chin T_T
F u Komari...<3
Hold dem tears back, Kengo! 
That innocent smile
Chibi Rin is kawaii
One more </3
SO like them :(
Dun dun dunnnnn
F u song and Kengo :(
stawp T_T
Symbol of friendship.
Rin must be SO confused lolololol
No he's no-
At least he's not alone



THE FEEEEEELS! So many things happened many tears were shed. Masato's goodbye was the weakest of them all, which didn't even leave me teared up. It was so quick and nothing really strong came from it as oppose to the visual novel where his goodbye had the most impact on me. In the VN, I cried so much during his goodbye but in the anime, they just didn't do him justice. It's not like it still wasn't sad though. Truly fitting his character, he left with a strong smile.

Then there was Kengo's goodbye. It was definitely better than Masato's, but still not as nearly as strong as it should have been. It could be because we just recently had a strong emotional tie with Kengo where he showed his true crybaby self, but again, I did expect more. His goodbye, however, did turn on the tears. His innocent self, wanting to protect these times forever did make an impact. Kengo and Masato are two of the truest bros out there in the anime world.

And finally, Kyousuke. He seemingly carried the entire episode and made up for the weak goodbyes from Masato and Kengo. The amount of emotion, PLUS how amazing he was voiced PLUS the inserts was phenomenal. I was crying buckets once he turned around. His face, the amount of tears, and seriously, just how much emotion was portrayed by his voice as it became hoarse from screaming. It really makes you feel for him - he was the one, like he said, that loved everyone the most yet he was utterly powerless. All he could do was strengthen them in this fake world. In the real world, he has no power whatsoever. He's dead. Everyone is dead. We'll never see him again. He knows this, which kills him on the inside. He cursed the world for being so cruel to him, unable to do ANYTHING. Credit to J.C. for pulling Kyousuke's goodbye so well.

Last episode, it was unsure as to what happened to Kengo and Masato in the real world, but Kyousuke explains they shielded Rin and Riki. This is just like them, the ultimate bros. It makes me really sad when I think about it, but it totally fits their characters. Even as I type this I'm getting a little teary-eyed. It doesn't help I'm listening to Haruka Kanata either T_T

Now that this world has ended, their back to the real world, with the real problem. It's just Riki and Rin alive, so how are they going to get out of this mess? Kyousuke may still be alive too since he was seen in front of the gas leak, and it's unclear whether he died there or is about to die. Either way, we'll find out next episode.

I hope you guys are ready for the real world.



  1. Geez that ep hit me in the chest like a brick. I wasn't ready for those feels at all. Amazing ep and nice review. Next week's episode should be interesting too, I can't wait.

    1. Oh man, the tears just didn't stop coming out. Even though I knew what was coming, it didn't help at all. Can't wait for next week!