Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sibling Magnet: We Will Always Be Sticking Together! - Alto and Tenor’s Sauce-y Intro

* Alto and Tenor’s House: Kitchen*

Tenor: You always said that we will always be sticking together…

Alto: *giggle*

Tenor: *irritated* But, *shouts* I never thought that it would’ve wound up like this!

*Sweet and Sour Sauce is all over the kitchen and Alto and Tenor are covered with it and stuck together hugging*

Hello. My name is Tenor Maiko. The one who caused this mess is my twin sister, Alto. You guys must be wondering what happen or could be thinking something dirty but either way, this is what happened…

*1 hour 30 minutes ago - Alto and Tenor’s House: Living Room*

*Tenor’s reading a Manga called “Udo” by Futami Fuuko and Alto comes in*

Alto: Tenor~! Let me use the kitchen! (^o^)

Tenor: No.

Alto: *startled* That was a quick response! Why not? (O_O; )

Tenor: Your way of cooking almost destroyed the house…8 times. (-_-; )

Alto: *smiling* T-That was all in the past. It won’t happen again…maybe…(^_^; )

Tenor: That’s what I'm afraid of… (-_-; ) Plus, why do you want to cook again all of a sudden?

Alto: To-

Tenor: If you say “To be a Top Cook” one more time, this discussion is over. I already told you, stay
            away from culinary field and just go be a Server or something…

Alto: Says the one who wants to be said Server but has bad Public Relation skills unlike me.

Tenor: Quiet! (>_<; )

Alto: But you also have an amazing cooking ability that’s on par with some of the best cooks ever!

Tenor: It’s scary but true… (-_-; )

Alto: But that’s not the reason.

Tenor: It’s not?

Alto: I want to cook you something this time. (^_^)

Tenor: Huh?

Alto: I love eating your dishes but it feels like your just wasting this ability with just me, your one and only cute twin sister and not with some fancy restaurant. That’s why I want to cook you something for a change.

Tenor: *shocked* (I never knew my cooking matches restaurant quality to her…) *cough* Fine. I’ll give you this one chance.

Alto: Yay! (^_^)

Tenor: But, if anything goes wrong, you’re banned from cooking in this house and anywhere that has a Kitchen.

Alto: *nervous* Yeah… haha… (^_^; ) (I better not screw this up… My dream’s on the line!)

Tenor: So I’ll be watching over and helping you just in case.

Alto: Huh? *blushes* You remember my “Sibling Magnet” speech?

Tenor: “We will always be opposites. And that’s why we must stick together if the other one tries to
              do something they can’t do.”

Alto: Well at least you remember the last part… (^_^; )

*Alto and Tenor’s House: Kitchen*

Alto: *puts on an apron with a Heart Pattern* Ta-da! (^o^) *spins around* How do I look? (^_^)

Tenor: An idiot but with a good taste in Aprons. (^_^)

Alto: *giggles, smiles, and blushes* I made it myself. (^_^)

Tenor: You do really have a lot of time in your hands, Alto. (-_-; )

Alto: I also made one for you too! (^_^) *takes out another apron*

Tenor: Really? Than- *stares at the apron* …Why does it say, “Inspirational Cook”?

Alto: No good?

Tenor: No, I'm just flattered. (^_^; ) I thought you would something stupid, that’s all…

Alto: Like this? *takes out a third apron; third apron says “I love my sister!”*

Tenor: *irritated* I'm out. *walks out*

Alto: I was kidding! Wait, come back! I’m sorry! (>o<; ) *tries to bring Tenor back to the Kitchen*

*1 hour 10 minutes– Alto and Tenor’s House: Kitchen*

Tenor: Okay, so what are you cooking?

Alto: These ones. (^_^) *pulls out recipe cards*

Tenor: Deep Fried Calamari and Sweet and Sour Sauce, huh… (Well at least it’s simple enough)

Alto: Approved?

Tenor: Approved.

Alto: Yay!

Tenor: Remember, follow the recipe exactly. Don’t add or mix anything until you are confident.

Alto: Yeah, yeah. *grabs everything in both recipe cards and a few extra items not mentioned in the cards*

Tenor: Uh…why do have a Red Onion, a can of Lemon-Lime soda, and a can of Pomegranate juice? *Prepping the Calamari rings for Alto*

Alto: Huh? Oh, I made the Sweet and Sour Sauce before and wanted to try some alterations. (^_^) *begins making Sweet and Sour Sauce*

Tenor: You what?! (O_O; ) Whose house did you make it in?!

Alto: Soprano and Bass’ House. *sautéing Onions and Bell Peppers*

Tenor: *pissed* (Soprano, you idiot!)

Alto: But both of them were helping me at that time.

Tenor: Oh…That’s fine then. (At least they did something right…) *making Flour seasoning mix*

Alto: You would be angry if you saw what I did there haha… I accidentally put too much Rice Vinegar and the taste was super sour and the scent was so strong, we couldn’t feel our noses for while… (^_^; )

Tenor: You’re unbelievable… (_ _; )

Alto: We tried fixing it… (^_^; ) We tripled the recipe, add random sweet drinks and sodas, and even 
          added a pinch of milk.

Tenor: Are you guys making some crazy potion or something?! (O_O; )

Alto: No but it tasted a little bit better but we decided to rest it in the fridge for a couple of weeks and it sorta turned into like a fat jelly form. We heated some up and it tasted much better. (^_^) *completes and tastes the sauce* Mmm…Yummy! (^_^)

Tenor: *tastes Sweet and Sour sauce* I don’t get it but actually tastes good. (^_^)

Alto: Thanks. (^_^)

Tenor: So what happened to the sauce before? *finished making preparations for the Calamari Rings for Alto*

Alto: Still at their house but I think it’s finished right now… (^_^; )

Tenor: Ah Ok. Well, everything’s ready. Start deep-frying.

Alto: Okay. (^_^) Till golden, right?

Tenor: Yup.

*5 minutes – Alto and Tenor’s House: Dining Room*

*Alto and Tenor are setting up the table*

Tenor: I'm glad that nothing went wrong this time. (^_^; )

Alto: I know, right? But those times were when I was alone in the kitchen and no one was watching me anyway. (^_^; )

Tenor: True… (Good thing I was watching her…) So why did you cook a lot of Calamari Rings and setting up for four people?

Alto: Bass said that he and Soprano are coming over to see if screwed up or something like that… Preparations complete! (^_^)

Tenor: I see… (*worried* Bass, you better not be psychic…) By the way Alto, did you turned off the stove?

Alto: No.

Tenor: Why? (*panicking* This better not be true…)

Alto: I'm making more Sweet and Sour sauce. I doubled up the recipe. (^_^) Ah, it should be ready

Tenor: (It is true!) Damn it Alto! *Sprint to the kitchen*

Alto: Huh? (^_^; ) Tenor? Oh yeah, I forgot about my sweet and sour sauce! *Sprints to the kitchen*

* Alto and Tenor’s House: Kitchen*

Tenor: (Why is the sauce pot rumbling? It looks like it’s going to explode!) (O_O; )

Alto: Ah. Tenor, you’re already here. Oh, it looks like the sauce is ready. (^_^) *gets a kitchen cloth*

Tenor: Alto, wait! Don’t open that! (>o<; ) *grabs Alto*

*Boom! Splatter!*

*At the same time – Outside Alto and Tenor’s House*

Soprano: I feel bad that we’re going to eat at their place… (^_^; )

Bass: But aren’t you curious if Alto screwed up? Like she keeps the stove on and then it suddenly explodes with the Sweet and Sour sauce splattering all over their kitchen or something close to that. (^o^)

Soprano: The creepy part is that it could be true… (^_^; )

Bass: I know, right? (^_^; ) But whatever comes out my mouth never really happens… Oh look, we’re here.

Soprano: It kinda does. There was that one time- *about to doorbell*

*Boom! Splatter!*

Bass: Ah. It opened by itself.

Soprano: What was that sound?

Bass: It looked like it came from the kitchen.

*both rush to the kitchen*

*Back in Kitchen*

Tenor: Alto, are you okay?

Alto: Yeah, I'm fine…and kinda sticky hehe… (^_^; )

*Tenor hugs Alto*

Alto: *blushes* Huh? HUH?! Why?

Tenor: At least you’re not hurt and safe, I'm happy… (^_^)

*Alto smiles and hugs Tenor*

Tenor: But you’re banned from kitchen duty.

Alto: *pouts* Boo~…You ruined the moment…

Soprano: You “did” ruin the moment, Tenor… (_ _; )

Bass: *looks around the kitchen* Wow…I'm Psychic! (O_O; )

Tenor: Huh? Soprano?! Bass?! When did you two get here?! (O_O; )

Soprano: Just right after the “Boom! Splatter!” part.

Tenor: Uh huh… (I thought those doors were locked? Must be either that Alto kept the door unlocked again or the shockwave made the doors unlocked…)

Bass: So, when will you two stop hugging?

Alto and Tenor: Huh? *blushes at each other*

Tenor: I can’t move my arms! (>_<; )

Alto: Same here! (>_<; ) But I kinda like it… (^_^)

Bass: Looks like Alto’s “Sibling Magnet” speech was really true then haha (^_^)

Soprano: No doubt! Haha (^_^)

Tenor: You always said that we will always be sticking together…

Alto: *giggle*

Tenor: *irritated* But, *shouts* I never thought that it would’ve wound up like this!

*Soprano and Bass laughing in the background*

And that’s what happened. This was actually a fun experience for me and now I know that Alto should never go to the kitchen without extreme lock-on supervision. Anyway, that was 3 years ago. Surprised? You may call this “Chapter 0” but for us, our story has only just begun.


  1. That was an enjoyable read. You really nailed describing the food there, I could picture it clearly.

    The dialog is really good, I like the flow of it and I could really picture the scene of Alto and Tenor going back and forth. I always love writing fun banter between characters, nice work.

    Will this be an ongoing story?

  2. Thanks :D This actually my 3rd version of this based on Tadashi and another friend's feedbacks a while back haha The Original version lacked a lot elements and needed major re-editing... (^_^;)

    I'm thinking of making this ongoing but I haven't thought of scenarios with Alto, Tenor, Soprano, and Bass yet since they're my 4th generation characters just made up in the Spring... (^_^;)

    I'm currently writing up a chapter with Soprano and Bass as well as debuting some of my 2nd and 3rd generation characters in this chapter. :)

    They're all in the same universe but their roles are slightly different from their original stories which I will post in the future :P