Friday, December 13, 2013

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11 - To Mirai!

Mirai isn't dead, and Akihito finds this out only to muster up his own strength in order to save Mirai in the other world. As he jumps into this other world, will he be able to save Mirai?

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 10

Where's the scarfuh
Brofight :(
Dutybound ...
3 months and no one told her?! :_;
Surprise text from megane-chan<3
Attempting to feels
Birthday megane
Nice car dude
Crazy megane
Ai-chan desu~
Cue battle music
Wild mom appears!
Akihito used Uppercut!
Super effective
Akihito used knee of justice
Did he get some of his powers back?
Okay okay okay. Sounds like a legitimate reason
Kyaaa that pout
Nice timing...
Ohiyo megane-chan



Akihito wakes up only to learn the truth behind what happened (and to confirm what Mirai told him in his dream). Plenty of events unfold, including a surprise appearance from Akihito's mother who is actually just as crazy as she seemed.

Miroku, after 3 months of Akihito sleeping, finally puts his plan into action, again (about time, huh?). But what really  makes me curious is Akihito's mom. She seems to know everything, but the question is, how and why does she know everything? What's more, is why did she (most likely) plant the Kyoukai no Kanata inside Akihito's body? She's really putting up a facade by acting like a crazy milf, yet she obviously knows more than she shows. And while we're questioning the mom, what about Akihito's father? Just who is he?

The episode itself felt very...average. It had its moments, but as the episode leading up to the final (aside from the 13th episode that will come bundled with the BD/DVD) I felt like it could have been more. It kind of feels like everything that happened towards the end was like a "spur of the moment" thing. All of a sudden the world is going to shits, and Akihito's mom shows up bestowing everyone with information regarding Mirai and how Akihito has to go and reunite with the puppet Akihito Mirai made in the other world. Next thing we know, he's running full sprint and makes a leap no ordinary human can make into the other world, catching Mirai. I will admit though, that when the music kicked in, it really added to the moment and did feel intense.

This also makes you wonder what Miroku's true objective is? He still hasn't accomplished whatever he has been trying to accomplish, but we're most likely going to find out next episode. Hopefully it'll finish off with the fight between Izumi and him since that is the one I'm looking forward to the most.

KyoAni has done am amazing job with the action scenes, which is something we're not used to seeing from them. They way they incorporate their moeblobs with comedy has been getting better as this show went on and then there's the great soundtrack (especially the ED, one of my favorites). I'm really looking forward to how they wrap things up for us next episode. Who are Akihito's parents, and why is Akihito so special? What is Miroko's true objective? Will our questions get answered?

Oh, and Akihito really knows how to give a knee LOL. His mom was a nice icebreaker for us. Another thing I thought was sad was how they didn't tell Sakura where Mirai was. She was didn't come home for 3 months and they told her nothing. Crazy. Yup. \m/

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  1. As much as I liked this ep there are probably too many questions to answer in the finale. I thought for the longest time this was going to 13 eps, but guess I was wrong. I'm sure they could jam pack ep 12 with everything, but that might kill the pacing though, rushing everything. I'd hate that for a finale.

    Geez... Akihito's Mom is crazy in person just as much too (you put it perfectly with your choice of words, a "crazy milf" lol that got me laughing). The punch and kick Akihito gave her, man that was mint right there. Overall though throwing her mom into the mix at this point is just too much, and yeah why does she seemingly know everything? Meh, lots of questions to answer, I just don't think they can do it all in one more ep.

    Nice review and screenshots, I enjoyed it a lot!

    1. There is a 13th episode bundled with the BD so if anything isn't really wrapped up, it could be there. It's true though, whenever it comes down to the last episode, pacing is always a worry.

      Thanks for taking the time to read!