Monday, December 02, 2013

Little Busters!: Refrain Episode 9 - Kengo's Tears

Kengo and Kyousuke are both trying two different things, both of them prove to be wrong. With more secrets being slowly unveiled, what is the real deal behind this "world"? As Riki and Rin bring Kengo to their side, the secret is becoming more and more apparent.

Little Busters!: Refrain Episode 9 

The past 
Too easy Riki
Ahhh Masato! You're the best
Kawaii Masato
Well shit. Somebody should tell him LOL
I never noticed
Tricks of THIS world?
Closed off world?!?
That bus...
Words of wisdom
He actually...looks badass?
Friendship is a strong weapon indeed
He never will
Look how happy they are!
Bringing in the ace!
I miss everyone :( 
I'm assuming that's everyone?



More and more is becoming clearer when it comes to the Secret of the World. Kengo and Kyousuke - two caring people with two different views. Kyousuke was trying to make them grow up fast and become strong and independent, while Kengo wanted them to enjoy the time they have and have fun forever. Kengo would be the one to protect Riki and Rin through it all. Little did he realize, that Riki and Rin have actually become stronger - strong enough to challenge this world.

The world - it's now clear that it isn't the real world, and there are many times when it repeats and it's probably repeating in order to strengthen Riki and Rin, like Kyousuke planned. As each iteration occurs, Riki and Rin hold on to those memories and feelings which only strengthen them.

The thing is, Kyousuke's plan failed which is why he is so miserable. They were brought more despair rather than what Kyousuke expected. Kengo just wants these times to last for as long as they can.

What's great about Kengo, is that despite being strong (both physically and mentally) he isn't just some wise log. He showed true emotion at the end, which really hit me. The strong and always collected Kengo broke down, with tears falling down his face. He admitted his regrets, and finally agreed to join Riki. You could really feel just what was happening as if you've known them for long time.

The way the OSTs cued in perfectly really made the scenes more powerful. Every time I hear that first note, my eyes begin to water T_T

From "everyone" cheering on Rin during the final pitch to the heartwarming insert song played at the peak moment, the episode truly delivered what it meant to deliver. All that's left is Kyousuke. The bonds of friendship - just how strong are they? What happened to Kyousuke at the end?

Anyways, until next episode!



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