Saturday, November 30, 2013

IS: Infinite Stratos 2 Episode 9 - Kanzashi and Tatenashi

Kanzashi is having trouble coping with the fact that Tatenashi seems to have Ichika in her grasp as well, but with the unfolding events, they quickly make up and the sisterly bond that was once gone is now back.

IS: Infinite Stratos Episode 9 

Who's Forte Sapphire and Daryl Cayce?!?!?!?!?!
Uh ohhhhhhhhh
Lookin' a little constipated...
Team Yuri he's gonna come and resc-
Oh, he actually came
Absolutely useless
Wait wtf where are they
From a sword wielder to..bows?
Still useless
Always cheerful<3
Lin and Cecilia did it easily
YEAH! \m/
You are lovestruck too, Tatenashi!
lul yes you did



Kanzashi and Tatenashi finally make up after going through a tough battle. Tatenashi sacrificed her body to protect her precious imouto, which opened up Kanzashi's eyes. It also seems Kanzashi herself is quite capable when it comes to fighting (who would have thought, since she recently just finished her IS and this is her first actual fight).

Ichika again demonstrates how useless he is. He's shown being thrown around when he was supposed to be the hero. He didn't even deliver the final blow, and if it wasn't for Houki's help, he literally would have amounted to nothing. His weakness really pisses me off and watching him always being carried by the other girls really shows how useless he is.

What really made me facepalm was when Kanzashi and Tatenashi were having their moment (in a total WTF place) and Ichika pops his head out of nowhere! I'm pretty sure you don't matter when it comes to THEIR relationship >_> go back to being useless.

Then there was Tatenashi's suicide-like attack. Char/Laura and Lin/Cecilia were able to take a few of them out themselves, while Tatenashi had to resort to a near suicide attack (which would have broken my heart if she did die). In the end, she survived (thank God) only to finally realize that she may have fallen for Ichika herself.

So, what's going to happen to the tournament? Will it continue? There were also those 2 other names in the entry bracket whom I have no idea are. Relevant? Maybe? Maybe not. Chifuyu also decided to keep the cores a secret. Looks like it's time for her to investigate this as well. She did bet her life on it.

The animation was...subpar. I keep expecting better animation but alas, none to be found. All this show has going for it, is its girls.

Anyways, harem (officially) +2 now. Current rankings are:

Charlotte > Laura/Tatenashi > Houki > Kanzashi > Lin > Cecilia.

Preview looks to focus a little more on Cecilia (oh God...) with Houki getting...angry? Let's hope it's interesting enough!



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