Friday, November 29, 2013

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 9 - The Inevitable

The mystery behind the Spirit Hunter Association and their motives, along with Izumi and the Nase clans motives remain very much a mystery, but amongst all of that, Akihito's purpose comes to light and he is more deadly than we thought - and Mirai is the only one who can stop him.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 9 

Badass scarf
So close
LOL research can't save you from her though
Team barrier!
Megana pervert!
Uh oh..
You can't do it...can you?!
But it is
Mio listening to her idol song
So he does know about this place
And he knows the truth
Don't say that!
More manipulation 
He just walks in and absorbs it...
Megane vision 
She put the glasses down - IT'S REAL



First off, again, hats of to KyoAni for the beautiful action animation they provided us. The first part with Izumi vs. Miroku was absolutely beautiful and was amazingly well done. The ending with Mirai vs. Akihito was splendid as well. The gloomy tones and the weather really added to that scene and the fight. You could really tell something regretful was about to happen, which of course was Mirai's decision to follow through and kill Akihito.

As for Akihito's death - I don't believe he's dead. It certainly would be a very interesting twist if they actually did kill him off, but I stand by believing he's not dead. I think that Izumi was the one who "took care" of his body and is secretly hiding him while he's either induced in a coma or is under some kind of spell (they are THAT capable). Everyone else will believe he's dead and continue living their lives, only for a shocking revelation at the end. I suspect Hiromi to be the one to discover this since he's already aware of how Izumi tried to manipulate Akihito.

The question is, how will Hiromi go about this? He knows something is up, but will he tell Mitsuki and Mirai? Or will he go about it alone? Izumi is someone whom he can't talk to about, so what other options does he have?

When Mirai removed her glasses, that's when things got serious. It's almost as if she's removing whatever shackles stopped her from following through with Izumi's wish. Although she's being heavily manipulated (she is also in a pretty weak state of mind right now), she doesn't think twice.

Tons of mysteries and questions still out there, and the plot is finally moving at a good pace. Akihito houses the "Beyond the Horizon" dreamshade, or at least a part of it. The Nase clan and the Spirit Hunter Association our out to do something about it, whether it be for the benefit of mankind or not, and it makes you wonder how it got into Akihito.

Can't wait to see what really happened to Akihito next episode, as seen in the preview it'll be two weeks after he was "killed". I wonder how Mirai will hold up and how differently everyone will be acting.



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