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LIttle Busters!: Refrain Episode 5 - It Has Begun!

Kyousuke is revealed to be the one pulling the strings, but what kind of show is he running?

Little Busters!: Refrain Episode 5 

Riki and Rin are still as awkward and inexperienced as ever. They know nothing when it comes to relationships 

Kawaii Rin
Back at school, Rin notices that Haruka Mio, Kud and Kurugaya are "absent" and that's the end of that. Class begins and two volunteers are needed to show around these inspectors around the school. Rin and Riki volunteer for this, just like their last mission told them too.

In the clubroom, Riki, Masato, Kengo, Komari and Kyousuke are inside talking about how to help Rin learn proper manners. It's also notable that the room is a lot emptier now that everyone is gone, but yet no one says anything. Regarding Rin's job to show the inspectors around, Rin has no normal manners, and she isn't even able to force a smile thus making this a little problematic. 

A lot emptier...
LOL uh..
It cuts to the day of the inspectors coming and Riki and Rin are shown bringing them around the school. Rin messes up plenty of times and as cute as it is, it's just as funny and fun to watch. 

Already messed up xD
The only time Masato will ever get anything right in school
We find out later on that Rin is called to the principals office and no one knows why. It's pretty suspicious and Riki suspects something is up. 

Rin comes back and we find out that they want to send her off to another school in order to "mend" traumatized students' hearts. They saw how happy Rin was when they asked her what made her happy and thought she would be the best candidate.

Your face needs to chill out, Riki
All knowing Kyousuke
Riki obviously doesn't take this kindly and is against it yet Kyousuke takes on a different approach. He explains the situation of the students involving a field trip accident with two survivors. Riki mentions that he saw the accident on the news, but with the flashbacks scattered throughout this season and last, it seems unlikely he saw it on the news. As he states reality, it is different from his usual approach where he tries to resolve the situation. Riki notices this and takes it seriously since it seems like Kyousuke doesn't want to help Rin out in his eyes. As he walks away, Riki notes that this is a different Kyousuke.

Only two huh...
Riki's mad uh oh
Maybe he does
dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn
Later on by the riverfront, Riki and Rin try to talk the situation out. Riki mentions that if Rin goes, they won't have time to deepen their love and Rin nods her head in agreement like an obedient child. For now, it seems like Riki convinced Rin to turn the offer down.

Back at the dorm, Riki asks Masato what his opinion is about the Rin situation. He states that even if he had an opinion, he wouldn't say it and that's what he had decided all along

Komari is also shown alone on the rooftop looking at the stars. It seems like she's thinking of something important. 

Praying? Wishing?
After some serious thinking, Riki had a change of heart. He called Rin to the riverfront in the morning to tell her that she should go. This confuses Rin as it doesn't match what he said the day before. She gets very mad and upset calling him out saying "Are you really my boyfriend?".

Hahahahah c'mon Riki
I dunno, the way she said this was sooo cute
Riki understands the situation and begins to provoke her. She began to cry and ended up running away from Riki. 

Ouuu he went there..

Rin goes to talk to Komari where Komari tells her that no matter what, they will always be friends. That's when Rin agreed to go.

No matter what...
Late at night, Riki finally put 2 and 2 together realizing that whoever was sending these tasks was trying to get Rin to grow up. There was only one person who was capable of dong such things and that was when he spotted Lennon. He followed Lennon through the woods. Once in the clearing, Lennon finds Kyousuke, leading Riki to him.

Riki confronts him, telling him everything he thinks. Kyousuke admits it was him who was sending the letters, and Riki points out that he did it in order to force Rin to grow up and become independent. 

Kyousuke laughs at Riki's conclusion stating that he still didn't figure out the "Secret of the World". The night guard spotted them in the clearing forcing Kyousuke to take Riki's hand and run. As they're running, it's reminiscent of their childhood except this time, Kyousuke let go of Riki's hand. Now, Riki is all alone.

That faaaaaaaaace!
Laughing at your inferiority 



The Secret of The World - it's become more and more apparent in these situations. Kyousuke, to no one's surprise, is the sender of the messages. He laughs at Riki's idea of him doing this all to force Rin to become independent hinting at there being more to it than meets the eye, yet it's more simpler than what he's thinking.

The other girls, aside from Komari, are gone as well yet no one takes an urgent notice to it. They've just been swept under the rug after last episode where it seemed like their mission was complete. This only makes you wonder what their purpose was. Was it to get Rin and Riki together? Kurugaya stated that Riki has to protect Rin no matter what. 

There is also Riki and Rin's relationship. As they are both children, both physically and mentally when it comes relationships, Riki understands that Rin isn't necessarily feeling "love". They've just been together for so long that Rin thinks she has these feelings. Maybe she does, but it's still hidden behind her childish nature. Riki himself also understands that he is a child and they both need some growing up to do. 

The ending, with Kyousuke disappearing is very symbolic. As he had always held Riki's hand when it came to just about anything, he let go this time meaning that he's done babying Riki, as well as Rin. He's trying to force something here, and as the sender of the messages and someone who is "pulling the strings" to whatever is going on, one can only wonder what he means to this world. 

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