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Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 6 - Idols

Kyoukai no Kanata delivers a relatively...normal episode full of fanservice and tons of luls - which is to be expected from KyoAni. Idols starto!

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 6 

Mitsuki wants to make Mirai's high school life debut with a splash and according to her, it starts by taking off her megane. Akihito is against this but in the end, they were taken off. Mirai is also growing bansai plants that costs tens of thousands of yen which explains why she is always hungry and short on cash. According to her, that all stops now that she has her license back and is now able to continue hunting dreamshades.

Thouest shall not est enter est

Back at work, Mirai is continuing with the photoshoot. Akihito is seen asking how much for these photos which is an obvious gesture considering his fetish for girls in meganes.

After talking about money so much, Aya-chan tells Mirai of a fruit-type dreamshade that is generally around half a million yen. She immediately bolts out of the room without finishing listening to what Aya-chan was saying.

She makes her way to the school roof and attacks the dreamshade head on only to be doused in its fluids (yes, I said that). Akihito tried to warn her, but was unable to in time and was also soaked. After a quick shower, they go for round 2 which results in the same thing.

As they're walking home, Mirai shows us her funny side, throwing Akihito under the bus due to their stench. I definitely didn't expect this and it was a good laugh. The conversation goes to Mirai's oppai where she quickly gets depressed and rants on about why oppai is ranked and furiously types away on her blog.

Aahhahahahah Mirai, I didn't know you had it in you
Poor Mirai :(

Back to the store, Aya-chan takes more photos of Mirai, but this time in pajamas. She allows her to keep in on as oppose to her stinky clothes. As they sit down, they find out that this dreamshade has a weakness for girls. They call Mitsuki in and beg her to help them out by using their stinky clothes until she finally gives in.

As they try to use Mirai as a decoy, Mitsuki makes her way behind the dreamshade and sends Sweet Potato to finish it off. Unfortunately, Sweet Potato had put on some pounds and couldn't even make it to the dreamshade, drawing its attention to Mistuki causing her to get drenched in a different kind of fluid. This fluid is more deadly since everyone else can smell/notice it aside from the one drenched in it.

Kawaii Mirai!

The next day, they are shown in the clubroom wearing gasmasks. Hiromi rushes into the room at the call of his sister (the first text she sent to him in a long time) but barfs, although in a fashionable way.

drenched in fluid

They put Mitsuki inside her own little bubble where Akihito and Hiromi took advantage and began to creep her. It resulted in a nice pounding to their heads.

She's in a bubble! LOL

He tells of another way to beat it, and it is by singing/dancing. Mirai tries it out first, but is actually a terrible singer causing the dreamshade to spew its liquids once again, except this time it got everyone.

Back in the showers, everyone has new found inspiration towards taking the dreamshade out. They spend one week training in order to finally take it out.

One week later, they are all shown in idol outfits. They sing and dance to the song Mirai sang to earlier, but this time, they pull it off splendidly. Their singing and dancing was enough to subdue the dreamshade while we're also shown all the hard work they put into this training.

They unleash their secret weapon, Ai-chan in angel wings. She easily outshines everyone else and is actually a lethal weapon. Her moeness is unrivaled and again, we're shown just how they all got to this point.

*pierced my heart*
Training camp?! They held a training camp LOL

After the song ended, and the dreamshade subdued, they forgot they had no one to actually finish it off causing it spew its liquids one more time. In the end, they failed.



Just another laid back episode that honestly felt a little out of place as oppose to the recent episodes. It's typical for KyoAni to do this sort of thing, however it did catch me a little off guard.

The highlight of the episode, aside from many of the hilarious jokes, was Ai as an idol. She stole the spotlight with her moe overdose and was easily the best there.

According to the preview, things will go back to how they should be - this time, focusing back on Sakura. Mirai looks to confront her which should leave for a good episode.

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