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Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 7 - Mirai and Sakura

As Sakura and Mirai finally clear things up, a new and situation arises - and it's what lies beyond the horizon.

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 7 

At the beginning of the episode, we catch glimpses of Sakura and Mirai's past. As  they were all in chibi form, Sakura took on the role of a caring sibling who tried her best to make up for her inability to be a Spirit Hunter.

Holy chibi Mirai<33333333
Back in real time, the club hasn't changed much at all. Hiromi is still nuts over his sister, and Mitsuki still calls him (and Akihito) perverts with weird fetishes (which isn't far from the truth).

Nino-sensei shows up to tell them that Sakura had enrolled in their school. Mirai had to choose whether to accept this or try and have the Nase clan pull some strings in order for the school to reject Sakura.

Decision time
While walking home, Mirai explains herself and her decision to allow her to enroll. If she doesn't try to kill her outside of school (for now) what harm will she do inside?


As Akihito made his way home by himself, he came across the unconscious Sakura and brought her to his apartment. She eventually awoke and questioned why and where she was brought. She explains her weapon and her "mission" - she was given the ability to fight and see dreamshades with that weapon as long as she eliminates Mirai. By feeding the weapon shadestones, it strengthens the weapon while also taking a toll on its user.

Why helloooo
Sho cuteee
Stuff her in a closet!
Mirai knocks on the door and as she makes her way inside, Sakura leaves through the window. Akihito explains the situation and she decides to finally settle things once and for all with Sakura.

It's true. It has to be true.
They have their 1 on 1 fight, but Mirai makes short work of her. She has no need to hold back now that she doesn't have to reserve her energy for the Hollow Shadow. At the end of their battle, the weapon tries to consume Sakura, but Mirai saves her. With their fight over, they finally make up, both shedding joyful tears.

CC from Bleach anyone??
Tentacle rape...magic tentacle rape

It turns out the person who gave Sakura the staff was none other than Fujima Miroku from the Spirit Hunter Association. He had tricked Sakura into powering up the staff. Now that she was done with it, all he has to do is retrieve the Hollow Shadow.

Who are you...
At the end of the episode, Mitsuki finds Izumi staring out the window while a strange "flow" engulfs the city. According to Izumi, a lull is coming - a period of stagnation where everything comes to halt. It is also known as Kyoukai no Kanata or "what lies beyond the horizon".



Sakura's past isn't as dramatic as we thought. She turns out to be a more reserved girl whom Yui admired. Although she doesn't have the ability to see spirit energy, her simple yet caring ways led Yui to be quite fond of and often telling her that she is fine the way she is.

The whole episode is one big focus on Sakura and Mirai mending their relationship while disclosing more of the Spirit Hunter Association. Looks like the Hollow Shadow isn't done just yet.

The animation again was well done during their 1v1 and I really did enjoy it however, was I the only one expecting..."more"?

The jokes were rather funnier than usual, and Mitsuki's moe levels are again off the charts. Idol Mitsuki? Count me in. Chibi Mirai was freaking hnnnnng as well.

Next episode, the lull is coming which is also where the name of the anime comes from. Maybe the Spirit Hunter Association, or at least Fujima Miroku's motives shall be revealed. Definitely looking forward to it.



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