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IS: Infinite Stratos 2 Episode 5 - Surprise!

Just when you thought there wasn't enough fanservice in Infinite Stratos...

Infinite Stratos 2 Episode 5

Ichika makes his way to the faculty office in order to deliver something to Yamada-sensei but instead, he ends up getting himself kidnapped and brought to some unknown place. It turns out to be a gameshow like area with a stage and Yamada-sensei as the host.


The event is called Cater-To-Ichika-Orimura Service Battle and who ever pleases Ichika the most wins. Houki is up first and oh man I forgot just how dangerous she can be.

Houki is dressed up as a Fox Priestess with a beautiful shrine maiden outfit but at the shoulders, it hangs down with her oppai exposed just enough. She has a tail and matching ears that make Ichika want to pet them. Just as things were looking to be in her favor, her time was up and she was forced away.

Cecilia was up next and she definitely deserves some love as well. She was in a skimpy usagi outfit in a billiards area and Ichika couldn't take his eyes off her slender body. As she taught him how to shoot pool, with oppai to his back, her time ran up.

That body..
Charlotte was up after and she definitely took the cake in my book. She was dressed up in a "french poodle" outfit which exposed most of her body. She made him cookies, and proceeded to feed him until Ichika caused Charlotte to throw the cookie in the air. It landed in between her breasts where she asked if Ichika would prefer to eat them in there. That's when Yamada-sensei raised a red flag and disqualified her for indecency (t'is a shame >_>).

My waifu<3

Lin and Laura are backstage watching these events. Lin criticizes Ichika for only looking at Charlotte's oppai while Laura makes her way to the stage. Just then, someone appears in front of Lin before we cut to Laura.

T'is true...
Ahhhh so cute~
Laura, dressed in her own usagi outfit, had a game of darts planned out. There were fabulous prizes to be won, but that prize Ichika won was Laura's own mizugi. It turns out due to budget reasons, Laura's personal belongings were put in as prizes.

LOL her mizugi
Next, after certain commotions, Ichika was kidnapped by someone in the dark after Laura's time was up. Who else could it be other than the stunning Tatenashi. She was dressed up in a neko outfit that revealed almost everything. She gets on top of Ichika, making the situation very awkward for him. At times, you wonder just how gay is he to reject the situtations he gets himself in. Just before Tatenashi and Ichika sealed the deal, Lin came out of nowhere mad. Tatenashi had stolen her outfit, leaving Lin no opportunity to win over Ichika.

She's deadly when she's serious
So close!

The rest of the girls show up as Tatenashi leaves. Yamada-sensei directs everyone back to the stage where the last contestant makes her debut. It's none other than Chifuyu dressed in a maid outfit. She feeds Ichika some desert before the real motive of this gameshow was revealed.

Sorry Chifuyu, you can't rock the maid outfit :(
It actually turns out to be Ichika's birthday, which he forgot about. He's made to choose which girl "won" (which would undoubtedly result in his "choice") yet he ends up choosing Chifuyu (maybe he is a siscon). All the girls beat him up for this weird choice. Safe to say none of them were pleased with this decision.


Ichika is alone, walking after he was hit by the girls. M, who is revealed to be Madoka Orimura, approaches him from the shadows explaining how she must get rid of him. She says "she is him" and he stands in her way. She pulls out a gun and shoots Ichika but we don't see what happened to him.

Wait wut



What can I say...all this was fanservice (and I'm sure no one can complain). Personally, here is how I felt about this episode:

Charlotte >>> Houki > Tatenashi > Cecilia > Lin (no screentime LOL) > everyone else.

Charlotte will always be the winner in my books. The way she actually cares about Ichika (she asked him first if he was enjoying himself) makes her the perfect candidate for a waifu~

The ending where it's revealed who M really is was really the only plot development we got. Is she his sister? Or was she made using Ichika's DNA?! All these questions are likely to be answered in the coming episodes.

From the preview, it looks like it just may focus on Charlotte<3 Hopefully Ichika talks to Chifuyu about Madoka.



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