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IS: Infinite Stratos 2 Episode 7 - Houki Time!

With all that's going on, we can't forget that Houki IS the main heroine in this show and whether you like it or not, she definitely has the character.

Infinite Stratos 2 Episode 7 

Sarashiki, Tatenashi's sister is finally brought to light in the beginning of the episode. She's seen working on what looks to be an IS in a secluded lab. As she finishes her work and walks out, Tatenashi is seen watching over her.

*le sigh*
In class, Mayuzumi-san asks Houki and Ichika if they would consider an interview by her sister who is an editor for a magazine called Infinite Stripes. Houki first states that such things are against her policies, but once she flashed two tickets for dinner, Houki quickly changed her mind and accepted the offer.

That was a quick change lol

Sarashiki is seen alone watching anime in her room under the sheets. It's an anime about a hero, and she says that she wishes a hero would one day show up for her.

The day of the interview comes, and they are first asked questions before the photoshoot. During the photoshoot, Houki wore a beautiful white dress and was made to make really close poses with Ichika.

Well, we see who would wear the pants in this relationship
What Houki really saw...LOL
After the interview, they walk home together in the night. Ichika offers her a piggyback ride since walking in heels is something she isn't used to. As she says her thanks, she ends up falling asleep on his back, while confessing she loves him in her sleep. Oh, and of course, being in point blank hearing range, Ichika didn't even hear it >_>

Meanwhile, back with Phantom Task, M and Squall exchange heated words after Squall insults Chifuyu. Madoka tells her that Chifuyu is on a whole different level, and that Ichika isn't her enemy since she is able to take him out any time she wants.

Ichika is seen walking back to his dorm and runs into Chifuyu. He takes this opportunity to ask her about their family and if they had another sibling, like a sister. She tells him that he is her only family.

The next day in class, they announce that they will be hosting Tag Matches where users team up. Hearing this news, Charl and Lin try to win Ichika over by preparing meals for him. They both prepared delicious meals, and the tension between Charl and Lin only rose.

As he makes his way back to his room, Tatenashi surprises him and asks Ichika to take care of her imouto Sarashiki Kanzashi. It turns out that her IS isn't finished because the company that made Ichika's also was making Sarashiki's but Ichika's took priority causing a delay. She is also a representative cadet for Japan. Ichika agrees to help her out by teaming up with her for the Tag Matches.

How can you say no to her?

In class the next day, Laura approaches Ichika telling him to be her partner. Ichika says he already has someone in mind, which angers Laura causing her to attack Ichika. Chifuyu stepped in to save him and the outcome was really funny.

Poor Laura LOL

Ichika and Houki have a training session later on that day. In the change room, Houki is confident that Ichika chose her to be his partner, while Cecilia also thinks it's her that Ichika chose.

Ichika approaches Sarashiki asking to be her partner, but she refuses on the spot saying she has the right to hit him. She really doesn't like him.



One thing I'd really like to note is that Ichika truly "reacts" around Houki. When Houki came out in that beautiful dress Ichika got all flustered and shy. If you actually pay attention, he doesn't do this with the other girls like he does with Houki (although Charl comes very close<3). Houki is one of those girls where I don't mind if she wins (which I'm pretty sure she will). I may love Char to death, but just can't not like her.

Ichika's IS caused Sarashiki's IS to be delayed, which results in her hating him. It's clear that in the end, he's going to be her "hero" and she'll quickly be added to his harem.

Next episode will probably focus on building a relationship between Ichika and Sarashiki. It'll be very rough that's for sure.



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