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Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 5 - You Are Not Alone

Episode 5 of Kyoukai no Kanata review brought to you by Tadashi! Dun dun dun :D

Mitsuki is stunning<3

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 5 

Mirai, after seeing a gardening book in the clubroom, quickly (and finally) decides to join the club. Akihito and Hiromi continue to be the perverts they are, describing Mirai as the perfect little sister with just the right body proportions. Mitsuki interrupts their fun and welcomes Mirai to the club.

Still a major siscon at heart >_>
*hello? 911? We have pedophiles in the making*
They begin with a visit to the Nase Clan's house. They had to go visit the Nase clan's house, more specifically, Izumi. Upon arriving, they encounter Fujima Miroku, from the Spirit Hunter Association.

Mirai is, in fact, a Spirit Hunter, and there was an order issued to not approach the Hollow Shadow but as we all know, she did. This resulted in a 1-month suspension of her license. Izumi also lectured Akihito about approaching the Hollow Shadow as well especially knowing full well what he himself is capable of.

Ouch...Mirai's wallet
I want I want I waaaaaant
Now that Mirai is "without a job", Mitsuki offers to help her out by getting Mirai a job at a place that she knows. They go to a cafe where they have a nice conversation about normal things. At times, there was the awkward silence between Mirai and Mitsuki but slowly, they began to talk. Mirai opens up to her telling her how she thought it was better for her to be alone. Mitsuki tells Mirai that she shouldn't be thinking things like being alone and tells Mirai about how Akihito almost killed Hiromi. When Akihito goes into his shade mode, he becomes absurdly dangerous. That is why the Nase clan, including Mitsuki, must observe him.

Awkward silence...
Sooooo awkward...
Out the window, they spot a shadeling attached to a man walking by. Mirai and Mitsuki go after it, teaming up and taking it out. Mirai no longer has any hesitation, and we got to see Mitsuki set up a barrier and her familiar dreamshade, Sweet Potato finish off the dreamshade.

Mirai moe services for a low cost!
Badass blood!
Nino-san was also chasing after this dreamshade but arrived just a little late. Since Mirai is suspended, she can't claim the dreamshade for herself so she offers it to Nina-san. Turns out that it was worth about 50,000 yen which causes Mirai to revert to her blogging form.

She decides to take them out for food and drinks as a favor for the dreamshade. Mirai became super fascinated by the food considering she really only eats ramen, and she really appeared weird to Mitsuki. Mitsuki found herself enjoying the moment which was really nice to see. We also get a little more information about the upcoming festival, which is apparently mainly for couples.

Meanwhile, Sakura is out doing her own business. She's seen easily taking out a dreamshade while what looks to be absorbing its remains.

Thank God they didn't throw her away
We get a flashback of Mitsuki and Izumi in the past. Mitsuki has never been able to attend these festivals and it looks like it was Izumi who had planted the idea that because they are Spirit Hunters, they will always be alone. This explains why she never participates in festivals and is somewhat reserved herself.

Mirai begins her new job and it turns out to be working with Ayaka-san in the dreamshade appraisal shop. The first thing they have her do is a photoshoot and man was it a great photoshoot. Mirai was dressed up in a maid outfit while Ayaka took plenty of photos of her. Apparently, one of their best customers is someone who loves girls in glasses making Mirai the perfect model. Safe to say we all know who that is...

Not for me :')
Where can I find your blog...
I wonder who that could be............
Ayaka-san also specializes in taking nude photos that she only keeps for herself (LOL), which Ai has already volunteered for in the past. We literally get a glimpse of these photos, but Mirai described it best - *boing*

Ayaka-san probably runs her own pr0n business
I caught it! 
Yes, boing

As they get ready to go to the festival, Mirai and Mitsuki stay behind to watch over the shop. Mirai tries to get Mitsuki to talk about why she doesn't go to events like these and it's safe to say her efforts weren't in vain. Mitsuki sees just how excited Mirai is for the Lantern Festival so she decides to take her out to see it.

Quality bonding time!
So pretttttty~
They end up meeting Akihito and Hiromi at the festival where they enjoy the closing fireworks. It also looks like Nino-san was stood up by her date while Sakura watched from afar. Mitsuki, having realized she isn't alone, lets herself go for a second and asks her beloved onii-chan for a candy apple which brought forth Hiromi's most expressive expression yet.

Typical Hiromi...
After the credits, Izumi confronts Mirai in the woods. She definitely gave off the intimidating aura causing Mirai to take a step back.

What does she want now?!



Compared to the action packed episode from last week, we get a nice breather that focused more on Mitsuki and Mirai leaving Akihito and Hiromi in the background.

Mitsuki is a tsun, who rejected opening up at first, but slowly began to due to Mirai's attitude. After years of not going to the festival, Mirai breaks the ice, pushing Mitsuki to bringing her. She mentions (and we're shown) being alone due to Izumi's influence but this episode, before she knew it she had already called Mirai her friend. She is definitely not alone anymore.

But why did Izumi approach Mirai at the end? What does she have to say to her? Izumi is a lot more cunning than she looks (and she looks gorgeous by the way). She emphasized Mirai's cursed bloodline...just what is she planning?

Judging from the preview, it'll be another relaxed episode but with some bits of fighting but mostly a focus on...well, shenanigans involving the cast. I wonder when the next "bad guy" is going to show up.

That's it folks! See you guys next episode!



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