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Golden Time Episode 4 - The Ultimate Turning Point

Fuuko: College…will change your life more than High School…

Even if you’re friends in the past, there will be some distance issues later in the future if you cling to them too much. Maybe just do some regular meet-ups of some sorts like parties, casual visits, or have a drink with them every now and then (definitely haha).

Program wise, breaking down and drama happens all the time and it will happen to each and every one of you, including myself. (Yes I have broken down once before a couple years ago but I won’t get into full detail with it…)

I haven’t actually hung out with any of my friends before (even now) other than chatting with them through texts or any type of social chatting sites but I do see them rarely either at a mall or in the college I attend and have some small chat but that’s about it. I’m what you say “more mysterious” that way…or just a “sheltered person” haha.

Anyways, enough about me and let’s begin the episode review.

The episode starts off from episode 3 where Linda found Banri and Koko in the woods and it turns out that the Festival club was there for the night and they were saved.

After the Opening, 2D-kun felt relieved that Banri and Koko are alive and well after what happened in episode 3. Mitsuo and Chinami later show up and got up-to-date on what happened. It turns out that Mitsuo was worried about them and even texted them during their escape.

2D-kun then leaves and heads for class while Banri told Mitsuo that she finally realized her actions.


Mitsuo then asks Chinami if she has class but she said she’s free till the afternoon and asks her to join him and Banri.

And she arrives!

Apparently they start fighting for Delusional (Koko)/Reality (Mitsuo) reasons and suddenly Chinami got caught into the circle while Banri is rendered neutral and useless at this point.

Suddenly, Mitsuo protects Chinami and leaves with her. He asks Banri to come with them but has to talk to Koko about thanking the Festival Club for saving them and they departed ways.

You better…

After cleaning herself up, Banri tries to make a conversation but Koko then got every word from his mouth.

She later says sorry to Banri and they both plan to meet with Linda and the Festival Club.

While walking with Linda, Linda told them she told Student Affairs that some weird organization has infiltrated the school and found out they also been causing troubles with other schools as well. Then she later asks them if they could join their club and Banri says he wants to check it out first before joining.

She told them that the Festival club usually meet up at the assembly hall and then said…

Is he starting to remember his past?

They meet the Festival Club and gave them their thanks for saving them. The president of the Club, Koshino, asks them if they want to jump in and try out the Awa dance they were recently practicing.



Koko then asks Banri if he’s going to join the club and he said that he might while she said she’s not confident enough. They part ways after.

During class, 2D-kun, Mitsuo, and Banri notebook chat about Chinami and Koko. According to the what they are writing, 2D-kun is wondering if she and Mitsuo are boyfriend/girlfriend while Mitsuo says no but wants to and is practically his type while Banri asks about Koko and Mitsuo replies with that he will settle things with Koko and will tell her he wants a serious relationship with Chinami.

On the second half, Banri narrates that Koko never showed up to class for the week and also text him not to worry about her. At the end of the week, Koko invited Banri out to…

Become the witness of this final score between these Childhood Friends

Koko starts off with their district and how they will meet regardlessly, showed off their childhood photos, and using quotes from their past. Mitsuo states off the facts like they never dated and has outgrown most of the things he liked when he was a child but Koko denies it and says that their relationship is destined, eternal, and absolute (I call BS on that!). Mitsuo then gets pissed and tells Koko that there’s a girl he likes (aka Chinami) and if she bother her, he’ll never forgive her. Koko then gets all defensive and told him all the good stuff she did for him while Mitsuo said she is definitely important to him and it’s that very same reason why he’ll never date her.

Koko then says forget everything till now and Mitsuo leaves leaving Banri behind with Koko.

Once Koko calmed down, Banri decides that they should go and suddenly Koko says that she wants to die. Then a punk rock singer named NANA shows up and gives them a flyer to a concert venue where’s she’s performing.

It’s possible…

They went to the concert venue, put their bags in a locker, apparently listening to screamo music, Koko venting out her stress, and both Koko and Banri got kicked out and now at Banri’s apartment.

Koko then begin talking about what happened earlier with Mitsuo and finally realizing it for real. Then Banri tells her that he’s feeling the same way since his family is waiting for his old self to return like his current self doesn’t mean anything to them.

Koko says that she doesn’t mind his current existence and if he ever gets his memories back, never forget her. Then Banri says it won’t be possible since he likes her.

Koko later then leaves while Banri got a text and looks puzzled.

He returns home and checks a box full of his memories before the incident. It appears that Banri knew Linda before…but why didn’t she say anything?

This episode…Mitsuo and Chinami are dating, Koko gets heartbroken and finally gets Mitsuo’s reason, Banri confessed to Koko, and Banri is surprised that he knew Linda before.

I wonder if Banri will ask Linda about his past later on. Will this help get the old Banri back or probably mix the memories of both old and current Banri?

I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko

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