Friday, October 11, 2013

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 2 - Incredible Action! Hollow Shadow Incoming?!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 2nd episode of Kyoukai no Kanata.

The episode starts off with a tiny flashback from Akihito. It seems he has some kind of dark past as well. Just then it cuts back to our battle with Mirai and the dreamshade and we were given just what we all wanted - great battle animation.

Woah okay what happened to you...
We all have been expecting great battle animation from KyoAni and we're finally given it. The battle was neither too short nor too long but rather the right amount for the first actual fight of the show. They incorporated simple effects such as a lens flare and some colorful particles backed up with swift and stunning animation.

It turns out that Mirai isn't just some airhead who rejects her abilities, but she's someone who has had considerable amounts of training and really knows how to use her blood sword. She even knows how to adapt to situations where her sword gets caught by the enemy (as shown by her liquefying her sword in order to have it flip 180). The ring she possesses seems to hold back another portion of her powers - corrosive blood. Well, it was either corrosive blood, or the ability to throw her blood but I'm pretty sure it's the former.


As Mirai was about to finish off the dreamshade, we catch glimpses of her past. It looks like she had those 'empty' possessed eyes. Right before she killed the dreamshade, she screamed no before following through and killing it. Afterwards, Akihito took care of her before she passed out due to the loss of blood. When he arrived home, there was a mysterious coded letter in his mailbox.

Dem eyes o_o
She doesn't look moe anymore :(
Ah, back to normal kawaii Mirai
That line tho<3

The next morning, they took the dreamshade drop to get it appraised by Ayaka-san who is a dreamshade that appraises dreamshades with an official license. Seems like she was up late and couldn't greet them but we did meet another new character, Shindou Ai. She's definitely a cutie. While they were talking, Mitsuki showed up and we got a nice exchange between them all.

Surprise surprise!
Later on, Akihito goes to visit Hiromi, another suspicious character who seems to be on their side. He asks him about the 'aggressive' dreamshade that they encountered but in the end got no information out of him except for the fact he does know why they're being so aggressive.

That face...that pose

After school, Akihito goes back to see Ayaka-san. He wonders if Mirai had came to get the dreamshade appraised but she's yet to come. While they wait, he asks her to help him read the letter he got since it was coded. Oh boy, it was definitely a special letter...

Mom of the year c'monnnnnnnnn
The two girls walk in while the letter was being read and Mitsuki's sarcasm is again top-notch. They ended up reading the rest of it together. Akihito's mother is warning them of a very dangerous dreamshade that's on its way to their town. It's called the Hollow Shadow and it has no physical form. It's really strong and was able to take out 5 A-Rank Spirit Hunters in 5 minutes. As the name Hollow Shadow was said, Mirai had her own reaction that Mitsuki seemed to notice. Does she have some kind of past with it?

Mmmmmmmmm Mitsuki<3
Sounds like trouble...AND ACTION!
Back to getting the dreamshade appraised, it turns out it was only worth 1000 yen and Mirai uses the money to treat Akihito. While they're eating she tells Akihito that she's not like them; she shouldn't be able to laugh and have fun because she's different - she killed someone.

That line thooo<3
So, does she like her or not...
Well then... /friendship loljk



Another good episode! We got the action we wanted to see (although I definitely wouldn't mind a full-scale battle) and have this Hollow Shadow arc coming up. With this super powerful dreamshade approaching, I'm really excited to see the other powers that everyone else has.

The OP showed some pretty intense techniques and with the way KyoAni animated the fight scenes, it'll definitely be worth the wait.

We're also getting subtle hints of the dark pasts of Mirai and now Akihito. Mirai admits to killing someone, but why? Obviously she's someone who doesn't seem like they'd do it unless she had no choice so maybe it was because the situation called for it/ Maybe she killed because she had to thus leaving her traumatized when it comes to killing as shown by her hesitation when killing that dreamshade.

I'd also like to point out how amazing this ED really is. The perfect transition along with the super catchy tune just makes me want to sit through it forever! I believe the official track will be released sometime in November so until then, I'm stuck listening to this shorter version but hey, who's to complain? xD

Next week looks like it'll give us some more information on Hiro'omi and the upcoming Hollow Shadow. Definitely interested on more of who Hiromi is.

Until next episode,



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