Thursday, October 10, 2013

Golden Time Episode 1 - I Hate To Say It But Tada Banri Had A Better College Debut Than Me...

Fuuko: Geez…Why wasn't my college debut like that… (>_<;)

Oh right…Now I remember, I was a loser to begin with… (_ _;) 

But either way, College/University is supposed to be a fresh start for most people (especially those who are either fresh out of high school and/or fresh off the boat) who have no or little experience and want to learn more about the profession they’re going to, or choosing a different profession due to no jobs available for the current profession they’re in, lack of experience, can’t handle their current profession, and/or just plain hate their profession due to different intentions. If you prefer info over practical, University is your choice and vice-versa for College.

It’s been 3 years since I started College (though I’m in my last year of my second program since my first program was only a year but counts for 2 years) and I can still remember how mine went…The friends I made outside of my program made me go back to playing Trading Card Games and the friends I made inside of my programs are really nice (and one of them turned out to be an Otaku but I haven’t seen him for about a year and a half) and they do make fun of me sometimes (for fun) since…Well, you know.

Hmm…I should stop rambling about my College life and get on with this anime post… (^_^;)

The series starts with a hot young woman with a bouquet of roses walking to two young gentlemen and saying congratulations and swinging the bouquet of roses.

Now we see this series’ Opening theme.

Okay let’s rewind this. We see our main character, Tada Banri, late for the entrance ceremony and it just ended.

Now Banri is finding his way to go to the Facility but…

Decides to follow two girls from his program…secretly

Convenience Store, perfect place to initiate friendship

From there, Banri meets Yanagisawa Mitsuo and they became friends instantly. They begin walking and found the building they’re supposed to go and started to talk where they studied before.

Apparently, Mitsuo’s reason to study here is…

This Chick, Kaga Koko.

During the Orientation, Mitsuo tells Banri about Koko and why he chose to do his studies in their current location.

After Orientation, “she” is right behind them freaking out Mitsuo.

Koko: ‘Sup “Forced” Future Husband (^_^)

Apparently she did some “modifications” to her perfect plan just to be with Mitsuo.

Mitsuo suddenly flees with Koko chasing after him and leaves a bunch of documents in the floor. Banri has no choice but to pick up the documents but he had help from…

This cute woman here, Oka Chinami.

After chatting with Chinami, Banri heads outside only to be in the ultimate survival challenge, Clubs asking you to join their club.

So far the Tea and Latin Music Clubs are winning for me ghehehe (^_^)

*tsk* he got saved! (>_<;)
Uhh…I take my *tsk* back… (^_^;)

The one who saved him was Linda (or Hayashida) and she’s an older student part of the Festival Research Club.

And she’s an upperclassman in his program as well?! Score for Banri!
Looks like he’s going to enjoy Tokyo (^_^)

At the end of the first day, Banri sees Koko who’s looking for Mitsuo and suddenly Mitsuo calls Banri at the wrong time and Koko takes Banri’s phone and speaks with Mitsuo and begins hunting him down and returns Banri’s phone back.

Banri looks back at the phone and looks at a received call from the hospital. It suddenly becomes nighttime and then…

End of Episode 1

Now for the series’ Ending theme.

This episode actually shows a typical college school day…okay maybe without a crazy person going after a friend you just met, stalking your new classmates, being late to the entrance ceremony, and getting hit by a motorcycle waiting for someone… (^_^;)

I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko


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