Friday, October 18, 2013

Golden Time Episode 2 - And I Thought Kaga Koko was Crazy... The Tea Club is Nuts!!

Fuuko: Note to self: Stay away from the Tea Club… (O_O;)
Really didn’t know that the Tea Club turned out to be party hard, party crashers, party, party, party, party…party people…

I hardly go out and I never actually experience going out with friends full out other than chatting (either about our lives, Manga, Anime, or some random topic) or playing Trading Card Games/Nintendo DS/3DS Games if I ever see them while I'm at the College.

Well I think that’s all I have to say about my College life. Let’s begin Episode 2.

The Episode starts off with Banri in the forest with Hospital clothes on and a bandage on his head and suddenly falls. A person with a flashlight suddenly shows up.

Then the person randomly becomes Koko and he wakes up.

Is it a dream or could it possibly part of his past?

After the opening, a week past after the events of Episode 1 and we see how our main protagonists do on their second week of being college students. Banri, of course, sees Koko in front of the entrance.

Obviously waiting for Mitsuo

Rumours about Koko are spreading out quickly…but ignoring that part, Banri then asks Koko what she was looking at her cell phone and apparently it’s all childhood photos of her and Mitsuo.


While they were chatting, Mitsuo tries and sneaks into the entrance and past them silently (with Banri already noticing and trying to get Koko to not see him passing by) but Koko suddenly turns and the chase begins.

After losing him, Koko then asks Banri to get all of Mitsuo’s info the she can’t get (like classes and clubs) so she could “be with him”.

After chatting, Banri heads for class and more rumours about Koko are coming out.

Hello cute chick behind Banri!

While in class, Banri looks at Koko.

Probably feels bad for her or something…

At night, Banri and Mitsuo talk about Koko and why she didn’t make any friends yet and Mitsuo says why.

Mitsuo: As long as attractive people put a pretty face on, regardless what they are doing, everyone feels bad for them.

^Must disagree with that statement. When I was a Chuunibyou at the time (not saying which one), I found out that all you have to do is look cute, be dumb, and cry if you did something wrong. This practically works with anyone who wants attention for the wrong reasons (*cough* loners *cough*). Trust me, been there, done that, and definitely regretting it but it did shape up my current personality (55% of it being my Chuunibyou persona with the other 45% being me). Now that I enjoyed bashing myself, let’s get back to the story.

Banri then gets heated and defends what Mitsuo said about Koko and Mitsuo practically ends it because there’s no point in fighting over Koko (That’s a true Childhood Friend and Gentleman there). Then he invites Banri to join him in the Film Club’s welcoming party.

At the welcoming party, Banri feels out of place and then Chinami shows up. Chinami is in the Film Club and Mitsuo joins in while Banri is still thinking. Then Chinami wants Koko to join too but apparently, no club members from any club want to go near her since they think she’s “hard to reach”.

A ruckus from next door suddenly happens and it turns out to be…

The Tea Club…
…They’re taking Banri to Hell?
Banri: Mitsuo! Chinami!
Mitsuo, Chinami: Banri!
And Banri was never seen again…

Meanwhile at “Bust your Top!” *cough* I mean, “This Wonderful Welcoming Party starring the Tea Club members and their new slaves- I mean, new captured members”…

It’s the cute chick again

On the second half, Banri has survived Hell.

Damn that’s a lot of parties! (O_O;)

And it appears that Mitsuo spotted Koko at the front entrance and plans on taking the rear entrance while Banri feels bad for her.

After his classes, Clubs are about to go at it once again to get him to join!

The cute chick makes a third appearance saves him…Twice?
Yup, it’s Linda

While they were chatting, it appears that Linda is upset about something and I think it involves Banri (or not). Then Banri sees Koko alone once again and part ways with Linda to go see her.

Again with the rumours…

While they were talking (about Mitsuo), The main “crazy” Tea Club members show up inviting him to another party again but Koko’s aura was too much for them.

The smile of an attractive person
It’s that powerful!

Koko then changes the subject and asks Banri how much clubs asked him to join. He lost count and it turns out that Koko was never asked to join any club.

Apparently she wants to be in a club with Mitsuo and ever since she started College, she feels invisible (that’s what I felt like in High School). Banri then suggests that they she should try out some welcoming parties and also volunteers to join with her.

Then the person who made the flyers shows up and asks them (more like forced them) to join. At the Café, the ultimate of all ultimate challenges begins, Listening to her talk non-stop.

Personally, I would leave and find a way to escape if a conversation goes on one-sided for more than 2 hours…unless if they have complementary alcohol on the side (^_^;)

After the long chat with the club member, they plan on going to the trip and they part ways.

This episode we see (as I stated in the beginning) the Tea Club being full blown, hardcore party goers, Koko having that “out of reach” aura making her not get friends (other than Banri) or get recruited by club members, Linda looks pretty cute in her casual campus style, and Banri and Koko’s friendship level went up.

I’m really starting to enjoy this one. (^_^) Maybe I should start reading the Manga or Light Novel versions if they have any translated.

I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko


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