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IS: Infinite Stratos 2 Episode 4 - Phantom Task? M's Real Goal?!

Today I'll be talking about IS S2 episode 4 which introduces what seems to be the "bad guys" along with a surprising twist at the end of the episode.

Without further ado, here is the 4th episode of IS :D

Ichika, trapped in the locker room has no choice but to summon his IS against "Makigami". She then summons her own IS, named Archne which is based off an arachnid. She tells Ichika that she's from Phantom Task and goes by the name Lady Autumn. Her and Ichika begin their fight inside the locker room but every time it looks like Ichika has the upper-hand, she easily battles back and makes Ichika basically...useless.

Of course, a freaking spider IS >_>
Ichika wtf are you doing? So n0oB
It also turns out that Chifuyu knew that this was going to happen and so she calls the girls and tells them to get in their IS' and get prepare for combat.

Cecilia and Lin are sent off to patrol the area while Charlotte, Houki, and Laura are sent to go back up Ichika in his fight.

HOUKI *v* hehe
Don't fux with my clique
Back to the fight in this seemingly humongous locker room, Ichika gets tied up by Autumn's webs. He is unable to move and that's when she tells him that it was her and her organization that kidnapped Ichika in the past. Just as things were getting bad, Tatenashi makes her appearance but is stabbed almost right away.

Aweee yaaaaaaaaaaa
Lin and Cecila on the other hand encounter a new IS. It's actually the BT Second, Silent Zephyrus which was the IS stolen from England in the first episode and it's being piloted by M. This is another model from the same line as Cecila's but this one is more advanced. Both are no match for her as M easily gets by them and makes her way to Autumn.


Tatenashi obviously wasn't hurt as it turned out to be a water clone created by her IS. Tatenashi has the ability to use water that is controlled by nanomachines. Her IS is dubbed Mysterious Lady, or also known as "mist bearing lady".

Of course, being the Student Council President makes her a formidable opponent. Lady Autumn is no match for Tatenashi and she leaves her open for Ichika to deliver the finish blow. Lady Autumn found herself cornered but was saved by M.

Ichika sees her and immediately chases after her ignoring Tatenashi's warning. Of course, she is too much for our MC to handle and Ichika simply gets manhandled. Autumn tries to use this opportunity to escape but is surrounded by Charlotte, Houki and Laura.

After making light work of Ichika, M swoops in and saves Autumn again, while exchanging words with Laura. She seems to know who Laura is and how she was Germany's advanced version.

Ouuu preeettttyyyyyyyy

Autumn takes out the core of her IS, and sends it in a self-destruct mode as it makes its way towards everyone else. Ichika tries to save everyone (even with no shield energy) but in the end,they were all saved by Tatenashi's water barrier. M and Autumn escape while everyone else is unharmed thanks to Tatenashi.

Tatenashi wasted no time and began her flirting while on top of Ichika. She dished out multiple "Ichika no ecchi" lines which are absolutely deadly for anyone's ears (not as deadly as Charlottes though<3). She even asked Ichika what he thought of her oppai (which were on his face to be exact) and he simply says they're soft.

This motherf-
He actually said it?!
How jealous am I of you right now Ichika 
Back at the control room, Yamada and Chifuya talk about what just happened. Yamada suggests that Chifuyu wished she could be out there instead protecting Ichika and she gets embarrassed causing her to blush. Relish in this moment you guys xD

tsun tsun tsun tsun
Autumn and M are back at some room while she takes her anger out on M. As she pulled out a knife, another lady appeared. Her name is Squall and she seems to be the leader here. She's beautiful with a perfect body and she's probably insanely strong too.

Hellooooooooooo ;)
M goes back to her room where it seems she has her own agenda for revenge. She opens up a locket in her hand showing a picture of Chifuyu. Is this her imouto?

With who?
NO WAY?! She's an Orimura?!
You may forget, but this all happened during the festival. Tatenashi certainly didn't forget as she shows Ichika that she has the crown. She explains what the crown meant and with her straight-forwardness, she will now be living in the same room as him. L-U-C-K-Y.

Oh Tatenashi<3
You're too amazing<3



We finally got an action packed episode. The animation itself wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible - much like the 1st season. 

It seems the bad guys behind everything are called Phantom Task and are out hunting IS machines with Byakushiki next on their list probably due to its one of kind core. 

There's also M, who really did look like Chifuyu (I thought she'd be a clone or something) and she's out to get revenge. I'm going to assume she's her little sister which makes her a sister to Ichika as well. 

The ending with Tatenashi taking the crown for herself and not dillydallying definitely scored tons of points in my book. She is making her way to the top 3 and unless the other girls get some good screentime, she'll likely take over at #3, maybe even #2 (sorry Laura!). Luckily, according to the preview, Houki will be getting some much needed screentime. Plus, Ichika seems to meet M too!

Overall, this show is mainly being watched, well, for the girls - the harem aspect. I don't mind the actual plot, but I'd definitely be okay with just PLOT hehe.

See you guys next episode!


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