Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Fall 2013 Anime Plans


IS - Infinite Stratos 2

Tadashi: IS? IS 2?! Count me in! Charlotte and Laura are back<3 I can't wait to see more of my Charlotte<3 For some reason, IS has been in my top 10 anime list and I'm super excited to cover this. 

Little Busters!: Refrain

Tadashi: I've read the VN, and let me tell you guys Refrain (if done right) will bring on feels like no tomorrow. If you guys have seen Clanand After Story and enjoyed what that threw at you, this will have either the same effect or an even greater effect. Refrain IS AMAZING so let's hope J.C. Staff does this justice. MY BODY IS READY FOR THE FEELS!

Kyoukai no Kanata

Tadashi: KyoAni + Action + It's usual moeblob lovable characters?! Count me in! I have a feeling this will be GREAT! The concept seemed really cool too and girls in megane = hnnnnnng

Nagi no Asakura

Fuuko: While looking at the previews of this original animation project from P.A. Works and ASCII Media Works, it looks pretty amazing and it also gave me a feeling that I'm really going to enjoy this one.

Golden Time

Fuuko: I believe that this is the first College related Anime I've seen (unless if Papakiki counts) and since it was created by the same author as Toradora!, I'm really looking forward to it!

Miss Monochrome

Fuuko: Idols are the best and the character was designed and voiced by my favorite VA


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