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IS: Infinite Stratos S2 Episode 2 - Sarashiki Tatenashi is DEADLY!

Hello guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 2nd episode of Infinite Stratos S2.

The episode begins with a mock battle between Lin and Ichika. It looks like Ichika has the upperhand but his inexperience with firearms and his over-the-top recklessness causes him to lose in the end. He has no strategy while Lin has her own and takes him out in the end.

Ichika is sitting in the change room going over his loss when a mysterious beauty appears and tells him that he's going to be late. He arrives to class...late, as expected, and Chifiyu had Charlotte punish him. Safe to say she didn't really hold back...

Angry Char...
Next we have a school assembly where the mysterious girl from before makes her way on to the stage. It turns out she's the Student Council President and announces that the school festival is coming up this month.

The class has to decide what to do for the festival but all their ideas involve playing with Ichika. Apparently, it's his duty to play with the girls. Even Yamada-sensei has a game she'd like to play with Ichika. In the end, it's Laura who suggests that they do a Maid cafe and Charlotte backs it up. It's decided that their class does a servant cafe.

F*ck you Ichika
Even Yamada-sensei?! >_>
As he walks out of the teacher's lounge, he runs into Tatenashi. She tells him that he's going to be his IS coach and that he is actually really weak. He challenges her to a fight and if he loses, he'll do whatever she wants. Of course, her being the Student Council President means she's also the strongest and in the end, she beats him no problem. But what's this fight without a little fanservice hehe.

I don't like the word "lech"
You don't say...

Laura is out looking for Ichika when she overhears girls talking about their appearance. Even Laura becomes interested and begins to worry about how she looks. She has this strand of hair sticking up and she tries to push it down constantly but it doesn't go down so easily. However, it's insanely cute and Chifiyu catches her in the act.

Ichika has a dream and in it is Houki while he was knocked out due to Tatenashi delivering diving punishment. He awakes on her lap and it's just so cute. She's just cute in general hehe. Laura walks in and sees this causing her to get upset. She immediately attacks her with her IS arm but Tatenashi deflected it with nothing but her fan. Laura is humliated after this.

They go to the training grounds where Charlotte and Cecila are lewdly stretching. Here, she has the two girls demonstrate what's called a Shooter Flow in a Circle Rondo formation. Ichika thinks it's simple but when it's his turn to do it, he fails miserably. Tatenashi is working on his weakness in order to make him a better pilot.


After training, he goes back to his room where Tatenashi is waiting for him in the classic naked apron...

IDGAF instant waifu~
Houki ends up seeing this and she gets super upset. She attacks Ichika but is stopped by Tatenashi as she can't have Ichika getting wounded. She easily stops Houki.

Back to Ichika's training the next day, he seems to be taking it very seriously but he can't fully concentrate because of what happened the night before. Tatenashi has him use his Ignition Boost during the Shooter Flow in a Circle Rondo formation but it resulted in him failing yet again.

After training, he's dead tired. He was sitting down with all the girls before he passed out. Safe to say his harem is cute as fuck but they're also quite loud. Charlotte noticed him passing out and hushed everyone up (just like a proper waifu would).

Char = Best waifu~

The harem~


The episode itself introduced us to the stunning Student Council President Sarashiki Tatenashi. She's deadly in both skill and looks but I can't help but feel she's not genuinely interested in Ichika like the other girls (at least not yet). She seems to have some other motive, whether it be being asked by Chifiyu or something else.

I'm still surprised that Houki hasn't gotten a lot of screentime considering (I hate to say this) she is the main heroine. I still see her winning in the end though :(

We've yet to be introduced to the other new girl who happens to be Tatenashi's little sister. I can't wait for her appearance.

Next episode focuses on the school festival and the maid cafe. Maybe we'll also find out more reasons behind why Tatenashi is doing what she's doing. Also, she definitely is an instant waifu <3

Until next episode,



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