Friday, October 04, 2013

Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation Episode 12 - The Final Showdown is on! Tari VS Gamindustri!

Caution: This WILL contain loads of Cuteness, Fanservice, PLOT ranging from AA-H (if you know what I mean), and some spoilers/references from the Game series

Fuuko: The Final Battle starts!!

After the opening (for the final time), the battle continues but Neptune and Nepgear are starting to lose their Share Energy powers.

Histroie: Nepgear, deactivate your HDD for now

Rei: Laser Time!


Noire’s here! Vert’s here as well!
 Can’t forget about Uni and 5pb. :D

Neptune, Noire, and Vert then makes a plan to destroy Tari’s share energy source while Uni attacks Rei but Rei did the next best (or worst) thing yet, taking Lastation’s and Leanbox’s Share Energy away and aims for Nepgear, Histroie, IF, Compa, and the citizens of Planeptune.

 Get ready for impact!

Sweet! Blanc, Ram, and Rom are here!

8 VS 1! Let the Final Showdown begin!

On the second half, Rei told them her true goal of destroying everything due to the “Great Tari Crash” event in the past and already have enough Energy Shares to destroy Gamindustri with her Tari Cannon.  Neptune and the other CPUs plan on stopping her.

Tari’s done! But Rei’s not!

CPUs Unite!

Is it over?

 Arfoire and Pirachu make their final appearance and defeated Rei

 True End route achieved!

A few months later, they do another ceremony and Neptune null and voids the friendship treaty since they become great friends.

In the end, they have an exhibition match and relax to make this True End route and the Tari’s Uprising arc to an end.

This final episode shows the epic battle against Tari and Gamindustri and the friendship our CPU Hearts and Candidates.

I’ll end this series off with a post what I call “Highlights” and that’s where I’ll put my opinion and score system in.

- Fuuko


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