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Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 3 - The Hollow Shadow is Here!

What's up guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 3rd episode of Kyoukai no Kanata which provides us with a nice build-up to what looks to be a promising next episode.

Turns out Mirai is trying to get over her fear and is out hunting dreamshades by herself. Right as she was about to kill it, she stopped with her sword at its face. She didn't have the heart to do it so Mitsuki ended up finishing it off. It seems one of Mitsuki's powers is the ability to control familiars. Mirai still refuses to trust her as she denies her offer of the dreamshade rock.

Meanwhile, it seems Mitsuki's mother, and the leader of the Nase clan, is having a meeting with someone from the Spirit World Warrior's Observation Department in regards to the incoming Hollow Shadow. Here we learn that dreamshades are actually born from people's negative thoughts and feelings.

At school, Mirai is no where to be found. Akihito asks around and finds her in the "cheap" area of the school where they sell food at a much lower price. Here he offers her the 10,000 yen bill that was from the dreamshade she attempted to kill earlier. Mitsuki had decided to give her the rock, and this money was how much the rock was worth. As she tried to refuse, the moe-level rose and eventually, she gave in and accepted it. She leaves and as she leaves, Hiromi shows up...

So moe
Aieeeee but you did!
Back in the clubroom, it's Hiromi and Akihito having a very interesting conversation regarding both of their fetishes. Turns out Hiromi is a huge siscon while we all already know that Akihito is a megane-loving kind of guy. Mitsuki makes her appearance and secretly hands Akihito a note regarding a place for them to meet later on.

Aren't we all?
Doing the dirty huuuuuuuuuuh ;)
Even her disgusted face is kawaii~
The meeting between the two was a secret one where they discussed Mirai. Of course, this was after the teasing from Mitsuki. She learned that Mirai will most likely go after this Hollow Shadow and explains parts of her past.

Mirai, as the sole survivor of her clan, was taken in by a spirit hunter named Inami. Inami had lost his daughter to a battle with the Hollow Shadow.

Akihito, just stop being gay. 

Akihito makes his way to Mirai's house and attempts to stop her from going out to fight the Hollow Shadow. He tells her that he knows about what happened in the past and keeps trying to get Mirai to change her mind.

Mirai explains to Akihito what really happened in the past. She was best friends with Yui, Inami's daughter but one day as they were walking, she had gotten possessed by the Hollow Shadow and Mirai, fearing for her life, ended up killing her.

She's so happy~
Now THIS is unpleasant... 
You're so cute when you say this
The Hollow Shadow is in town which means the city must take precautionary measures. They have barriers set up around the city, one eve managed by Hiromi. We're also shown what his weapon is and it's his scarf. Not gonna lie, it's a pretty badass scarf.

Super scarf!
Mirai makes her way towards the Hollow Shadow and as its incoming, she's attacked by a girl named Sakura. In the midst of their battle, they were somehow transported to some other dimension. Despite Mirai's best efforts, she gets overpowered by Sakura. Just as Sakura was going to deliver the finishing blow, Akihito came in and saved the day. He was irritated from earlier by being rejected by Mirai and when he saved her, he shouts at her for her being too stubborn.

Looks deadly
Chainsaw sword!
Actually a badass screen



We finally get some background information regarding Mirai's past and the dreamshades, including the Hollow Shadow. Mirai, after constantly telling Akihito that he doesn't understand anything, gets shut up in the end. Why? Well, he'll probably explain that next episode when he shows off his heroics. But it's clear he is frustrated.

The episode was used as a pretty good build-up for what looks to be a very good next episode. It's going to focus on the Hollow Shadow and (most likely) defeat this supposedly unbeatable dreamshade. According to Nino-san, it would probably take someone immortal hint hint.

Then there's Sakura. I believe she's been around the past episodes but only subtly. She's wearing the same bell that Yui had on so I'm gonna go out on a limb and say she's either Yui's sister or part of the family. She knows of Mirai's past and they both seem to know each other as well.

Judging from the preview, Akihito gets possessed by the Hollow Shadow and Mirai ends up stabbing him through the heart. I'm sure she'll be very hesitant but with him being immortal, it just might work. I'm really looking forward to it simply because we'll be getting amazing action.

P.S. Mitsuki fanservice pictures<3

See you guys next episode!



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