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IS: Infinite Stratos 2 Episode 3 - It's Festival Time!

Yo guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 3rd episode of Infinite Stratos 2 which brings us the school festival along with a nice twist at the end.

What would IS be without any fanservice? Nothing. Right off the bat, we have Tatenashi inside Ichika's room begging for a massage. He locks himself inside the bathroom where she breaks down the door with her IS causing a very nice scene. With oppai to the mouth, he agrees to give her a massage.

Ou la la!
Dude are you gay?!
Oppai to the face 
Now it's time for the school festival. The class decided to go with a maid cafe which proves to be generic but successful. With everyone in their maid outfits, and Ichika in his butler outfit, the customers pour in but of course, they're really only there to see Ichika. You get special treatment from him like a picture, and being personally served which attracts all the girls (considering all the girls = everyone in the school but him it's not that bad of a deal).

My waifu<3
What was a surprise was Lin. Lin came in, demanding to be served but surprisingly, she actually stood out. Instead of being whisked to the side, the focus was on her. In her beautiful China outfit and her slightly different hairstyle, she was definitely eye-candy for the viewers and Ichika as well. As he sat her down, she ordered the "Treat for your Butler Set" which was something that Ichika had been against. Basically, it was Lin feeding Ichika which of course, was really a treat for her rather than the butler.

Surprisingly cute

As Lin was about to make Ichika feed her, Houki quickly stepped in and intervened. Lin then proceeded to eat the chocolate stick by herself when Ichika called her cute. For once, I agree with Ichika. Oh, and by cute, he meant cute like a squirrel.

Too bad you referred to her as a squirrel >_>
Such a sexy outfit
Next, he was called over by a lady named Reiki Makigami where she tried to get him to install new parts onto his Byakushiki. He was saved by a girl name Takatsuki who is actually super duper cute. She tells him to take a break and walk around the festival. All the girls want to go with him and it was to be decided through rock-paper-scissors. Cecilia won it and was the one going around the festival with him.

Takatsuki = win<3
This doesn't look too safe...
They went to a music room where they tried out wind instruments. Just as Cecilia was about to use the same mouthpiece that Ichika used, she was cockblocked by the girl in charge right before she put it to her mouth.

Cockblockkkkkkkkkkkkk LOL
Tatenashi maid appears as he's about to get back to work and she takes him away in order to star in a play. The play involved him wearing a royal outfit and a crown. The play basically involved "Cinderellas" who try to get the crown off his head. The Cinderellas were of course Lin, Cecilia, Charlotte, Laura and Houki. It was an intense game where Ichika, being as dense as ever, didn't even realize what was going on.

Whoever takes the crown from his head will be able to live with Ichika with the help of Tatenashi's authority as Student Council President. Even if Ichika tries to take the crown off, he gets electrocuted. You guys know how serious all these girls are about this...

waifu duties!
Prince Charming
Ahhhhhhh kawai-desu~
Dat animation tho
Fighting over Ichika again...damn you Ichika
Another surprise from Tatenashi was the walk-in contestants. Basically, every other girl in the academy were now eligible to compete and try to take his crown. One of my favorite girls makes a tiny cameo which was lovely to see even though all we actually saw was the back of her.

My other girl<3
Just as things were getting too crazy for Ichika, he was suddenly pulled down a trap door and was saved...or so we thought.

The lady from before, Reiki, pulled him underground and threatened to take his Byakushiki. After delivering a brutal kick that sent him flying, Ichika calls his IS and prepares to fight her. Seems like Ichika is in for a rough time.

Where can I get a backpack like that
Yes, bring out your IS which is exactly what she wants...



The episode focused mainly on the festival and all the girls going after him but at the very end, we finally see something interesting - there is someone after his Byakushiki probably because it's one of a kind containing the first ever IS core. She's probably related to this "M" and her organization. I wonder what they want?

The whole Cinderalla thing was actually quite interesting. Lin and Cecilia were up first but didn't get much love after that. They were kinda "just there" as oppose to the other girls.

Charlotte, being the waifu she is, instead of forcing Ichika, defended him then politely asked for the crown. Ichika was willing to give it to her but unfortunately, he's unable to take it off. In the end, he ends up holding her and protecting her which is always a +

Laura was next. She did try and fight him head on, but was also saved by Ichika where he grabbed her and took her to safety. Laura realized what just happened and couldn't do a thing by be left in awe at her prince charming.

Houki followed suit and and saved Ichika but not without any trouble. Tatenashi sent out the classic Indiana Jones ball causing Ichika to take her hand and escape.

The Lin and Cecilia ship looks to be sinking, while the Charl, Laura and Houki is still afloat (with Houki looking to be in the lead, unfortunately for us Char fans). Lin did win some points this episode, but not enough to keep her in the rankings.

Judging from the preview, ACTION INBOUND! Even Tatenashi hops in her IS and it looks like Ichika and her team up. Just how much has he improved with her training? Guess we'll find out next episode.

P.S. If you guys haven't noticed, the ED is slowly changing :P AND THAT WAS ONE GIANT ASS STAGE XD



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