Friday, October 25, 2013

Miss Monochrome Episode 3-4 - Go Go Monochome! The Nendoroid Version Looks so Cute!!

Fuuko: Aliens? Taking over the world? Who will save us?
Meanwhile at an electric store, Monochrome is looking at an Evoluta AA Battery with the Manager and Ru-chan.

After that, she does her idol duties and after that, the Manager gives Monochrome a present for a job well done and it’s none other than that Evoluta AA Battery.

So, she tries it out and…

Damn! That’s powerful! (O_O;)
Did she and Ru-chan get a once in a lifetime superpower?

Ah. She spotted the Aliens.

I believe it’s Morphin Time!
Monochrome cross-fused with Ru-chan to become Iron Monochrome!

Monochrome uses Evoluta Beam!
It’s Super Effective and a One-Hit KO!

Looks like she doesn’t remember a thing…
The world is saved thanks to Monochrome and Ru-chan! (even if they don’t remember)

This episode, an Alien invasion was about to happen but was stopped by Monochrome and Ru-chan with the power of a single Evoluta AA Battery and me making 5 different references of at least a TV show, an Anime, a Cartoon, a Movie, and a Game. Can you find the references? (They're completely obvious)

Now let's look at Episode 4... 

Looks like Monochrome wants a Nendoroid of herself…
Or she wants to be a Nendoroid herself…
Plan B?
Wait, Wait, Wait…That’s some fine art she made there! (O_O;)

In the end…

And she became popular and got a Nendoroid released
Or the Nendoroid became “more” popular than her…?

This episode, we see Monochrome trying to get herself to be popular to get a Nendoroid of herself and in the end, it happened but the Nendoroid is more popular than her.

I also found out recently that they’re going to release an actual Monochrome Nendoroid but no details when.

Maybe I should get a Nendoroid one time…

See y'all in the next 2 episodes!

- Fuuko


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