Friday, October 25, 2013

Golden Time Episode 3 - Oh Shit! It's a Trap!!

Fuuko: Reasons why I don’t join clubs! (>_<)
If this ever happens to me, I’d- …I’d actually stay there unless someone (like Banri) sacrifices themselves and saves everyone else, then I’d leave… (^_^;)

There’s isn’t any clubs in my college that I was interested in…unless if they established an Anime/Manga club earlier when I started College, I’d might join…

Now that I'm done spouting out, let’s begin with this episode review.

The episode starts off with Banri and Koko heading for the trip that non-stop talking person told them about. Banri then sees 2D-kun (or Sato Takaya) from the Tea club party who is also going to this trip.

Then the Club shows up and they start by getting everyone’s information and asking them to do it while in the car since they’re “behind schedule” (this is somewhat a little fishy to me…)

After the opening, Banri, Koko, 2D-kun, and other new recruits are filling up the paper while the Club Members mingle with them.

That necklace has no suspicion what-so-ever

During the drive, Banri noticed that they past the College’s retreat center with that member ignoring him and they are dropped off at a building with the same image as the necklace.

I seriously think something weird is going to happen…

Banri and Koko meet up and noticed that they can’t get a phone signal and once they got inside…

It turns out to be a training facility of some religious cult

Oh my…The Horror… (O_O;)

Once they hit dinner time, Banri can’t handle another two days with this occult and feels that he was at fault to bring Koko there with him and plans to bring her home safely.

Suddenly, 2D-kun bursts out of anger to the occult and plans on leaving along with the other students but the occult is spouting nonsense again. Then Banri takes the initiative.

It looks like he got crazy…

It turns out that Banri has amnesia and couldn’t remember his past including his friends and family and plans on staying to be a believer.

Looks like Koko is suspecting something…

Banri says his goodbyes to Koko and 2D-kun and they left. Koko for some reason decides to stay back as well.

I guess she didn’t get the signal…

At the dinner party, Banri tells Koko she ruined the reason he stayed and apparently Koko knew and feels that she was the reason why Banri was here. (Wow…they are made for each other) Banri and Koko then plans on escaping with each other from this occult (Fairy-tale way?)

Banri initiates their plan of escape but one of the occult members feels something’s going to happen and they started to run, grab everyone’s contact information and fled to the woods.

On the second half, the occult are looking for them while they aim to find the College’s retreat center. They managed to escape and still not getting an phone signals. Then Koko begins the “I blame myself for you being here” game.

Then Koko tells Banri about her doing that “Lonely Girl” act to get off some information about Mitsuo from Banri but he already knew that. She also stated that it’s only 90% she’s concern about Mitsuo and the other 10% being that Banri’s the only one that talks to her and made her happy.

Then he cheered her up saying that Mitsuo’s feelings for her will change and realize how precious she is to him.

Scream louder! They’ll definitely find you!

Then Koko tells Banri the she’s more complete while she’s with Mitsuo but can’t keep a level head while Mitsuo is having fun without her. Banri then tells that him having amnesia is actually true and tells her how he got amnesia, forgot everything, and decided to not meet anyone from his past.

After their little chat, they find some lights from a few flashlights but it suddenly started moving in a weird pattern and they started to panic. Then a person shows up from behind and it’s no other than Linda.

This episode we find out that the club is an occult, Banri actually has amnesia, Koko and Banri’s friendship went up again and Linda ending up finding them in the middle of the woods.

For some reason I’m thinking that Linda might know Banri before he had amnesia and could possibly be his friend or sibling (maybe) who Banri doesn’t want to see after he found out he got amnesia.

I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko


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