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IS: Infinite Stratos S2 Episode 1 - Charlotte and Laura Oh.My.God.

Hey guys! Tadashi here and I'm here to bring you guys episode 1 of Infinite Stratos S2.

IS: Infinite Stratos 2 is the second season of the highly anticipated Infinite Stratos series. It isn't known for its plot, but rather its PLOT. The girls in the show are what make it and with its many different heroines, even I find myself to be drawn to it. Though there is some plot, IS 2 looks to expand on that while still bringing us the girls we all know and love. 

OP Sequence

The episode starts off with Ichika in a dream. There is someone who looks like Chifyu and is in an IS. She says she's going to kill Ichika and as he's strangled, he passes out. What a nice way to start off the first episode.

He wakes up only to find a similar situation from last season - Laura in his bed. This time however, she's wearing a mizugi and looks super duper kawaii. She tells him about this new pool opening and she invites him to go with her but Ichika being the clueless MC he is, says he's going to invite everyone else too causing Laura to leave the room. Typical Ichika.

Well, I'm not sure if this is a step-up from last time xD
Right after, Cecilia is shown arriving back from her trip and Ichika greets her and invites her to the pool trip that Laura suggested.

Next, we see Laura and Charlotte eating together (when did they get so close?!). Charlotte suggests they go out shopping for new clothes and Laura agrees to go. And so begins the shopping date between Char and Laura. Man, do these girls really stand out or what...

It cuts to Lin laying in her room in pretty laid back and revealing clothes. Ichika knocks on her door and barges in seeing Lin how she is. Embarrassed by what she's wearing, she sends Ichika flying and then sees the flyer for the pool and whole easily decides to go.

Ahh, Lin<3
Poor Ichika :(
Back to Char and Laura, they stand out like crazy! Char with her blonde hair, and Laura with her white/platinum type hair easily catch the attention of ALL people girls and men combined. Laura decides to try on some revealing outfits only to cause nosebleeds to many viewers at home. Laura and Char make the ultimate duo and them together is the pinnacle of fanservice for Laura and Char fans.

Don't be embarrassed Laura<3
Back to Houki who is taking a shower, she notices that her oppai have gotten bigger (YES). Ichika invites her out to the pool event while Houki is in a very revealing after-shower outfit. Man is she cute.

I don't know WHO is going to COMPLAIN
Sho cute~
Char and Laura are at a cafe when they are asked to work part time. Char ends up in a butler outfit while Laura was in a maid outfit. They really stole the spotlight here and I'd have to say Charlotte makes the perfect butler snatching many girls' hearts at the cafe. I wish we got to see her in a maid outfit though :(

MY GIRL<3333333333333333333333333333333

While working, some robbers come in and use the store for a place to hide while taking everyone hostage. Laura and Char easily take them out and save the day with some intense action that one would expect from two representatives. It truly was amazing to watch their teamwork.

Bad idea...
Ice cube attack! 
Unfortunately, they aren't ordinary kids...
Afterwards, they go to a park where an intense yuri scene happens. They get some crepes to eat and Char gets some of it on her face. Laura then licks it off causing more nosebleeds to the viewers at home.

Woah woah woah!
Ah...that's why...
Once at home, Char dresses Laura up in cat pajamas...and man, this was not good for my heart. Ichika shows up and proceeds to invite Char out to the pool event too (while Laura makes a cute pouting face hehehehe<3).

I actually almost died in irl
cutest ones in the world
LOL Laura!
Ahhhhh poor Laura
Following all this fanservice, they don't forget to bring us some actual plot. An intruder is shown named "M" and is looking for an IS called Infinite Stratos. She easily takes out the guards with her IS named Silent Zephryus. Just who is she? She really looks like Chifuyu...

Woah what?!
Chifiyu look-a-like?

The episode ends off with all of them going to the pool and then to a festival afterwards. Tons of fanservice here but it was all fast-forwarded (which is a shame since this could have easily been made into an OVA >_>) Most people are regarding this episode as episode 0.

At the end, we see Sarashiki Tatenashi who will be a new character in this series. I believe she's the Student Council President and a rival for Houki.

New char!

ED Sequence



IS 2 remains mostly unchanged compared to the first season. The animation looks largely the same, and while we haven't seen any IS battles, it probably won't improve that much either.

The characters are all re-introduced this episode but the main focus is on Charlotte and Laura as they go about the day on a lovely date. Nothing much happened aside from these introductions except we were shown 'M' who is a Chifiyu look-a-like searching for an IS dubbed Infinite Stratos like the title.

Next episode we'll be properly introduced to Sarashiki Tatenashi who is voiced by Chiwa Saito<3 She looks to be someone who is full of teasing and I'll definitely be looking forward to that.

On a personal note,


If only you guys could have seen my reactions during this episode to almost every time Char was on screen (and same with Laura). My nose has bled, and will continue until next episode. See you guys then hahahahaha.




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