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Little Busters!: Refrain Episode 2 - Riki's in Love...?! What is the Secret of the World?

Sup guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 2nd episode of Little Busters!: Refrain.

The episode begins with Riki and Kurugaya in the P.A. broadcast room. He wakes up from his narcoleptic attack. He's explaining his narcolepsy problem but while he's explaining this, he has this strange feeling that he's been here before and has had this exact same conversation before.

Wakey wakey Riki-kun~
You'd be surprised...
Kurugaya, as usual, began teasing Riki. Riki asked why she always teased him and that's when she admitted that she did in fact like him, which totally threw Riki off guard. She was indeed, beautiful and had always been around Riki playfully teasing him.

Mine sure is

Back in the room, he's playing cards with the normal guys and Rin. Kyousuke's ability to figure things out works perfectly in this situation as he brings up Kurugaya. He comes to the conclusion that Riki is in love with her and this causes Riki to become very flustered. He himself has no experience with "love" and finds him self at a loss. When he was asked if he had ever been in love, he looks at Rin (ohohohohoho). The boys joke around with their usual tone and it's perfect for good laughs. It's also notable that Rin eventually leaves the room when the talk about love hits its climax. Could Rin be jealous?

Oh Masato xD
Maybe because she's beautiful
Woah woah woah Rin...
Masato, Kengo, and Kyousuke come up with the perfect plan in order to set the mood for a confession by Riki. They planned to shoot up fireworks into the sky and as they do this, Riki will be watching them alone in a classroom with Kurugaya where he'll confess. Flawless, right?

Kyousuke the lolicon
Kengo into priestess huh?
Later that night, the put the plan into action. Riki is sent to go get all the girls and then create a chance for him and Kurugaya to be alone. As they're walking through the school, Mio ends up telling a scary story which scares everyone off except for Kurugaya. Riki leaves in order to search for the girls but ends up in a classroom by himself.

If only it was that easy
Kurugaya creeps up behind Riki thus creating the moment. The fireworks go off, and Kurugaya is illuminated and we're shown just how beautiful she is.

It cuts to Rin who is seen by herself with the hair over her eyes showing that she's feeling something, which is most likely jealousy.

During the fireworks, Riki's phone goes off from a text from Kyousuke but he ends up dropping it on the floor. They both reach for it at the same time and that's when Kurugaya sees the text. Riki and her are in their own "world" afterwards and Riki truly sees just who is in front of him - a beautiful bishoujo.

She's beautiful<3
Speechless huh, Riki
Just full of win!

After the fireworks, Riki is back in his room thinking about what happened. He notices the calender still says it's the 20th, which is weird because the day before was the 20th. It seems like none of the events that happened before actually...happened. The day is the 20th, as if it's repeating.

He goes to see Kurugaya and she's still in the P.A. Room repeating the same words she had said before.




Wow what can I say. We got tons of Kurugaya action which was much wanted. Riki for the first time could be experience the crazy phenomenon called "love". He has no experience and has no idea what comes with the package of love. From this episode, we can see just how flustered he gets when he's near her and can't seem to catch his own tongue. She leaves him red as a cherry and since Kurugaya admitted she liked him too, he's even more on edge. It's not like she holds back when she's teasing him either. The real question is does he really love her? Will this ship set sail? Well, according to the ending of this episode, it might not.

At the end, the days have reset. It is again the 20th and apparently, the events of the fireworks never happened. Riki seems to be the only who has noticed this too. Is this part of the secret of the world?

There were also some scenes that were added that weren't in the VN. Rin was shown to be "jealous" and none of that was shown in the VN. Maybe it's because they need to have that in order to incorporate Rin 1 and Rin 2 and if so, then it's fine. It's just that Kurugaya is the best<3

It seems like next episode Riki will try and explore more of this secret. He clearly sees what's going on but has no clue what it means. Kurugaya is who he is looking to for answers so it seems. And, what is Kyousuke's role in this?

Until next episode,



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