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Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Episode 1 - Once you do the "Sachiko Ever After" charm wrong, You're Screwed!

Warning: I may say some game spoilers and might probably compare it…and some (animated) bloodshed and (animated) dead bodies

Fuuko: Boo! Did ya get scared? [Please say “Yes” (^_^;)]

As most of you know, Corpse Party: Tortured Souls was based off of the Adventure, Horror game, Corpse Party.  First, I want to say is that:

1. I’ve been waiting for this moment (like Neptunia),

2. I’ve played Corpse Party and its sequel, Book of Shadows (currently playing) on my PS Vita (though they’re PSP/PSN games) and they’re pretty enjoyable (if you enjoy horror games and/or have a powerful imagination [you’ll see why if you haven't played it yet]),

and 3. Even if it’s an animation or just the great voice acting by my favourite VA’s, both the Game and Anime scare the “Fat” off of me… (>_<;)

I’ll be talking about all 4 episodes (and probably some of the game series as well)  starting with episode 1. So without any jump scares, let’s this Horror Adventure and enter the halls of Heavenly Host Elementary. [I’m getting Goosebumps just watching again let alone reviewing it (>_<;)]

To start off any Corpse Party, you must have how they were there in the first place (aka The Prologue) and the Naomi and Seiko arc. In the Anime version, it starts off with the scenery of inside Heavenly Host Elementary and giggles of little children while the scenery changes. Naomi (one of the main Heroines) suddenly regains consciousness and notices that she’s in a classroom but one that she’s not familiar with. She picks up her Student ID and takes out a piece of what it turns out to be ripped paper and stares at it. Then she suddenly remembers…

At this point, this is where the Game version actually starts off so you can say it’s like a switch-er-roo or something like that. It begins with Ayumi (another main Heroine) telling her classmates a ghost story about Kusaragi Academy…

Ayumi: It happened on a rainy day after school, just like this one, a female teacher lost her footing, fell down the stairs and died. The Principal treated the school as if it was his own child but the misfortune continued…

On a certain day after the incident, it was decided that the school will be closed down. Since then, the Principal’s heart broke down so much that on the closing day of the school, he climbed up to the school’s rooftop and committed suicide!

All: *gasp* (O_O;)!

Ayumi: Where Kusaragi Academy is standing now is where the cursed Heavenly Host Elementary once stood. The teacher that fell down the stairs still has no idea that she died on that day. They say that on rainy days, she still roams though these dark hallways.

Whenever that teacher appears, she’s always accompanied by a sudden blackout. Then you will hear knocking sounds from the classroom door. As the door slowly opens…a pale white face peeks in and says, “Is anyone still here?”.

Wait, it’s actually happening?! (O_O;)

Oh thank you, it’s only Yui-sensei… (^_^;)
Satoshi just felt up Naomi
Looks like Yuka is here to give her Onii-chan an umbrella

Yuka then introduces herself with Naomi, Ayumi, Seiko, and Mayu mesmerized by her cuteness and being jealous that Satoshi having a kawaii imouto.

After all that, Ayumi wants to do the “Sachiko Ever After” charm that she found in the internet (aka K***‘s blog) before they leave since it is also Mayu’s last day in the Academy. It is said that if you do this charm with your friends, no matter how far away you guys are, you will always be together.

Man I really want to cry at this point… (T^T)
Okay so the way this charm works is that you need about 2 or more “Ideal Candidates” *cough* I mean “friends” and gather around and form a circle around a paper Sachiko-san doll and say and repeat the words, “Sachiko-san, we beg of you” (or “Sachiko-san, onegaishimasu”) in your head for every “Body” in the room. No more, no less and you can’t stop partway through or the charm “fails”. So in their case, nine times.

You should be nervous

So they begin the charm.

After the chanting, they each grab hold of the doll and then pull and rip the doll apart till they each have a piece of that doll.

I feel bad for that doll…
Lightning FTW!

So once they obtain their piece of paper, as long as they have it, they will always be connected as friends. And that’s the end of the charm basically…

They are ready to pack up and leave but suddenly…an earthquake happened.

Damn! That’s a big one! (O_O;)
Looks like they’re…
Falling down into a big hole

And now we are back where we left off.

Here’s the Opening Sequence with the most awesome Opening Song “Hoshikuzu no Ring” sung by Asami Imai (aka Ayumi’s VA; also the VA of Neptunia’s Noire and more)

After the Opening, Naomi apparently has a sprain after falling and suddenly sees Seiko. She tries to wake her up and once she opened her eyes, Seiko asks her where are they as well as the others but Naomi doesn’t know.

Naomi tries to open the windows but they won’t move an inch.

Come to think of it, it does… (O_O;)

Later, Naomi hear voices of children out on the hall.

I would probably scream by now…

 Then they left the classroom and started walking to the hallway to find a way out. Seiko noticed that Naomi’s walking funny and asks her about her leg and she said it was sprained and then…

Holy Crap! There’s a Little Girl behind them! (O_O;)

Seiko then she asks her if she okay and Naomi said she fine while the Little Girl disappears.

While they were walking in the hall, they were talking about the classroom they were in earlier and saying that the desks look small like Elementary School size.

The Little Girl showed up again!! (O_O;)

Once they went downstairs they realized that they’re the only ones here and Seiko’s playful Yuri instincts kicks in.

Rubbing her face in your Oppai! (^_^)

They made it to what it appears to be a restroom and Seiko is asking Naomi for…

Ass Cream?

Naomi then tries the windows again but doesn’t budge. Then she looks at a Clock’s window reflection and then…

???: ‘Sup

Naomi:  Seiko?

After that, they head for the school entrance only to find out it’s locked.

Then Naomi heard something but it appears that Seiko didn’t hear it and later suggests that they should find somewhere to sleep for now.

They head for the infirmary where Seiko does First Aid to Naomi’s sprained ankle.

Seiko then leaves to look for her piece of the Charm Doll that she lost and asks Naomi to wait till she gets back.

Still at the infirmary, Naomi is lying down in the bed then hears “DONG!” like what you here in Grandfather Clocks and suddenly it becomes dark and for some reason can’t move her body or speak. A light then randomly opens and a ghost is scribbling in a notebook.

Blood started coming out of the walls, Bloody hand prints are showing up behind glass of cabinets, an ominous aura appears...and making a 16.5 with Naomi?!

What a rich “H”orror scene we have here! (O_O)

At Seiko’s end…

A fresh decapitated female body with the wait down still intact so you can still see the intestines squirting… (O_O;)

Back in Naomi’s end, Naomi is still gulping up the ominous aura and suddenly heard Seiko’s voice and was finally able to move again but that aura is ready for round 2 so she tries and defends herself and heads for the door but it now has hair on it and beings pulling it off the door in panic.

She then tries and open the sliding door before the ominous aura shows up and manages to escape.

Candle = Safe point

Then Naomi sees a person on a chair (thinking it was Seiko) and feels relieved but it turns out to be a corpse. She then feels like puking but then, the little girl shows up and blood is coming out of her mouth and freaks her out then Seiko arrives.

Naomi then pukes and then becomes angry at Seiko saying why was she not there when she needed her the most and Seiko begins crying and runs off.

While walking at the halls, Seiko blames herself for not being with Naomi at that time and plans on apologizing. Seiko then starts to her someone calling for her.

With Naomi, she wonders why she said all that to Seiko and plan on apologizing to her. She plans on going up the stairs but then saw a bunch of freshly killed corpses on them. Then she hears the “DONG!” again while looking for Seiko and the clock stopped and she found the Ass Cream she gave to her.

Thinking that Seiko is fine at the restroom, she heads for the toilets and begins apologizing. Then she suddenly hears a sound that ropes make if you are making it tight or hanging something and sees a toilet door semi opened and heads over there. When she opened it…

Seiko is hanged?! (O_O;)

Naomi notices that Seiko was still alive so she plans on saving her. She tries removing the rope…definitely will fail since it will put more force on the neck. So instead, she finds a bucket, removes the contents, uses it as a standing stool but it gave way and…

Seiko died…

In the end, Naomi realized that they are all in Heavenly Host Elementary.

To summarize this, it was Mayu's last day in Kusaragi Academy and Ayumi wanted to do simple friendship charm that she found in the internet that turns out to be a portal to hell and Naomi and Seiko being the starting pair to start off the series with some BFF moments that turns into a one-sided verbal assault fight them blaming oneself for another's mishap while planning on making up and apologizing to each other, and finally the part that rarely happens, one commits suicide (since this chapter is the least scariest one of all chapters but really has full of drama where it makes you want more and giving you curiosity on how the others work it out in this cursed place they call Heavenly Host Elementary).

So...Who's up for the "Sachiko Ever After" Charm? I know I'm not! (>_<;)
See you guys in Episode 2!
???: There is no escape hahahaha

- Fuuko + ???


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