Thursday, November 28, 2013

Golden Time Episode 8 - Friends Helping Each Other

Friends…They will either always be or sometimes are there for you when you need it.

Alright, let’s begin the Episode Review.

This episode starts off in Linda and Banri’s high school days of when things got awkward with the two of them aka Banri heard something that Linda said and starts evading her.

In the end, Banri went back to Linda and forgave her by saying forget about it and went back being friends.

After the Opening, it continues off from Episode 7 where Koko tells Banri that Mitsuo left early.

She wants Banri to check on him since according to her, being with another person of the opposite sex behind closed doors while in a relationship counts as cheating so Linda leaves soon after. While Current Banri was still talking with Koko, Original Banri starts monologuing about how he still has feelings for Linda and it has nothing to do with Current Banri since Current Banri is dating Koko.

Back to Current Banri, he just found Mitsuo’s place and he finds him having trouble with a woman.

To help Mitsuo get the woman off of him, he initiates “Yaoi Time”, saves Mitsuo who also joins in the fun, and it works.

Banri: Hands off of my man, Woman! teehee

After that hilarious act, Mitsuo then tells Banri why he left early. Chinami finds Mitsuo and 2D-kun but then Mitsuo asks her to not talk to him anymore since whatever he did during that party in Episode 6.

Unfortunately for him, Koko was there by coincidence. And then other people from Chinami’s party notices him and Mitsuo runs off.

Mitsuo plans to act normal around Chinami like if that confession-rejection never happened before but he tends to freak out every time he sees her. Banri then tries to cheer Mitsuo up and then he chooses to help him with his worries. He calls up 2D-kun and says that he is going to throw a party to cheer up Mitsuo.

They all met up at the amusement park along with Koko who was with 2D-kun at the time Banri called.

Koko then begins flirting with Banri.

2D-kun does the same thing with Mitsuo.


Apparently, the idea of going to the amusement park was Koko’s idea and begins annoying Mitsuo, which pissed him off.

Chinami then calls 2D-kun’s cell phone but Koko then tells her to come with them which freaks out Mitsuo. Then Koko asks him if he wants to stay or leave.

On the second half, Banri and Koko wait for Chinami at the ticket station and Koko wishes that it was just the two of them that went to the amusement but Banri said next time when they go to the pool or the beach.

Chinami shows up happy to see Banri and Koko but then Koko suddenly becomes either Tsundere or Coodere (I think?).

Chinami was flustered when Koko answered and heard that Mitsuo was there and randomly brought Noodles with her.

Then she told Banri that she knows that he and Koko are dating now because 2D-kun told her the day before. Then Tsundere or Coodere Koko starts saying that she doesn’t actually want her to come and want her to stay out of her sight since she pities Mitsuo and he’s her childhood friend.

Koko allows Chinami to see Mitsuo but tells her to don’t hurt him anymore then Deredere Chinami starts to become all serious.

She later asks for her noodles back but her bag’s strap rips and her bag falls with her “Okamera” still in it and checks if it still works by filming Koko.

She then tells Koko that Mitsuo told her to never speak to him again. Then Koko shoves the noodles to Chinami’s face because she wants to be the only one to act cute and cry in front of Banri. Looking like Chinami’s gonna suffocate, Banri tries and stop Koko from doing any more damage but Koko won’t listen and waits for Chinami’s signal for when she’s done crying.

Chinami suddenly asks Banri if she looks funny right now and asks him to film her.

Koko and Chinami are now friends!!

The 5 of them now start to have fun at the amusement park!

Back at Banri’s apartment, the 5 of them are relaxing and 2D-kun suggests that they should make a pact so if any of them decides to hang out or go drinking, they’ll all try and go and they all agree.

Later that night (or somewhere around 3am), Banri wakes up and checks if anyone’s awake but everyone seems to be still asleep.

He then hears a noise of a balcony door open and texts Linda if see was awake and she was. Banri then goes to the balcony and meets up with Linda who is on Nana’s balcony.

They begin chatting casually but Banri asks her what was her answer to the confession Original Banri asked her on graduation day in the day after graduation. Linda said her answer was No. [No was her answer huh…EHH?! (O_O;)]

Damn girl! You two would’ve been great together!

Then Banri asked Linda if she wants to go back to the place where he used to be and shouted…


Then Linda just told him that he just fell asleep and want him to go back and get some rest and parted ways.

In the end, Original Banri monologues once more and says that he still loves Linda and if he could, be with her forever but he has to an eye on Current Banri or he actually disappears (or feels like he will).

This episode we see some “Yaoi Time”, Koko and Chinami finally become friends, Banri, Koko, Mitsuo, Chinami, and 2D-kun are now College Buddies who hang out together when all are free, Linda ruining the chance for Banri x Linda making some of us saying “Why?”, and Original Banri having some screen time.

Boo~! Why no “Banri x LindaLinda! Or maybe you’re just hiding you true feelings from him.

I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko

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  1. Linda obviously told a lie. She definitely meant to say yes and form the way things went, it looks like old Banri will try and influence current Banri's actions possibly trying to make him fall in love with Linda again. I honestly prefer Linda!