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IS: Infinite Stratos 2 Episode 6 - Thank You, Quantum Shift!

Based Quantum Shift-sama arigatou for stealing Charlotte's pantsu for an entire episode.

IS: Infinite Stratos 2 Episode 6

As it turns out, Ichika was not shot by M. He had blocked her attack with his IS but in the end, he was actually saved by Laura. Laura's disturbance causes her to retreat after revealing her own IS.

Ichika compliments Laura on her gem-like eyes as she was without her eyepatch. Laura goes into super kawii mode after hearing this.

The next day, Ichika and Charlotte were sent out to escort the transportation of new IS machines. As they were there, two spies came out and attacked. Ichika and Charlotte both took them on and just when it seemed like they had defeated them, a fire was ignited causing a massive explosion. Ichika saved Charlotte by using his body just in the nick of time.

LOL he's holding her face hahahahaha
Ichika's Byakushiki suffered some problems as he was unable to deploy it properly. He had to leave it in Yamada-sensei's care in order to further inspect the problem. Since he was still being targeted by Phantom Task, Charlotte took up the role of protecting him. This meant she must try and keep this secret from the other girls.

True waifu~
Back in class, Ichika was surrounded by the usual girls. Laura boldly asked him which pantsu he prefers because she had recently gotten advice from Clarissa about the unavoidable "panty-flash" scenario. That's when Charlotte realizes that her own pantsu was missing. She dashed out of the class back to her room.

I love how Laura is sooooooo straight up
Clarissa, you are awesome.
She tried to put on another pair of pantsu but again, it disappeared. Again she tried but the same result occurred. She is unable to wear her pantsu LOL.

Time to go commando...
Ichika knocks on her door telling her they're late for class pulling Charlotte along with him. As they're running, they (obviously) trip and he (obviously) ends up right in her crotch area. Charlotte freaks out and wacks Ichika with her IS. Fortunately for her, Ichika being the dense MC he is, failed to even notice she was going commando.

Fuck you Ichika
Later on, Ichika offers to help Charlotte while she was carrying boxes to the reference room. As they're walking, Laura spots them and calls out to her but right before she did, she noticed that Charl wasn't wearing any pantsu. Absolutely shocked, she called Clarissa who told Laura that Charl was wearing them, but in a way that they seemed invisible. Laura was relieved to hear that her "war buddy" hadn't gone down that route.

Try checking her pantsu
LOL Laura!
Char and Ichika get to the reference room where Ichika tells Charl not to push herself. He leaves leaving Charlotte by herself. She doesn't want her Revive to be taken away as it appears to be having the same problems as Ichika's Byakushiki and more importantly, she doesn't want Ichika to find out she isn't wearing any pantsu. As she leaves the room, Houki, Lin and Cecilia overhear Charlotte talking about Ichika's problem.

He wouldn't do anything. Trust me

They all confront Ichika vowing to protect him and once things got out of hand, Tatenashi stepped in as the Student Council President stopping them from fighting. She punishes them by making them rake the leaves on the grounds.

As the day nears its end, Char and Ichika are outside talking. He thanks Char for everything she's done but that's when Charlotte has a flashback. Chibi Charlotte is seen crying because she broke her mom's favorite mirror, but her mom tells her never to lie and that she is the most important to her.

Chibi Charlotte<333333333
Charlotte believes she should tell Ichika her problem and just as she was about to reveal her "no pantsu" pantsu, Laura shows up. She inspects Char's pantsu and it turns out it was back and just then Charlotte couldn't believe what she was about to do.

That face<3
Back in the room, Charlotte explains that her pantsu was forced into quantum shift to Laura. Laura tells her that she should have just worn bloomers, and said that once, long ago, a princess in France ... well..

Laura you're toooooooooooo awesome<3



A wonderful Charlotte filled episode. Not as much fanservice as I hoped, especially since it was focused around Charlotte, but great nonetheless. Even Laura had amazing moments in this episode. They really know how to cater to each one of their strengths.

Next episode is titled "Sisiers" and looks like it'll introduce the other new heroine of the show - Tatenashi's imouto. Looking forward to how deadly she really is.



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