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Golden Time Episode 6 - What's your Answer? Yes or No?

Yes…No… Two simple words that everyone knows but is also a decision factor that may decide yours and/or another’s path to take whether if it’s the right path or the wrong path.

Like for example,

“Will I ever finish a whole chocolate cake?”

“Will I share some with Tadashi?” (Tadashi: WHY NOT?! :D)

“Am I fat?”

My answers are:


“lol No”

“Hell Yeah!”

With this, the results can be either “Ultimate Satisfaction” or “Death by Cake”.

Well anyways, let’s begin this episode review where Yes and No are taken seriously with Koko and Linda’s Friendship with Banri.

The episode starts off from what appears to be a flashback when Banri and Linda were in high school. It’s their graduating year and their class are getting their graduation T-shirts. It turns out that Banri’s name isn’t on the shirts and he doesn’t want to make a problem for anyone.

Linda notices that there’s something wrong with so she asks Banri and he told her. She and the other classmates noticed and gets shocked that Banri’s name isn’t on the shirts.

Then their graduation day has come. Their year partied, had fun and done their final goodbyes.

I never did any of this when I graduated from High School…
I used my graduation as “Yes! I’m free! Sayonara A-holes! Good luck on whatever you doing for University/College! (^_^)” and then I ate some Chinese Food

Then Linda said Good luck to Banri on his entrance exams next year making the fact that he didn’t pass any of his exams but then Banri confessed to her in the more detailed but I’ll shorten it as “Do you like me?” and he only wants a simple answer so he knows if he’ll go to Prep School in Tokyo or not.

Linda asks Banri to give her a little more time and they both agree to meet at the bridge where it all started.

Back at the Present, Original Banri narrates and said that in high school, he was in love with Linda and was serious about it but others just saw them as friends/siblings…Even Linda. He also said it was the same with Koko and Current Banri.

After the Opening, Banri seems to be trying on some shoes the people from the Festival couldn’t fit in but fit him perfectly. They said the person who was selling them will let the new owner pay less then when he/she bought it and it turns out that Linda was the bought them and practically gave them to Banri for free.

Then the 4th years show up and greet their underclassmen. They brought a present for them and they are…

Yes and No Fans?

Apparently they are used for the Awa dance and it was made by the 4th years and designed by the Middle one.

After their club activities, Koko asks Banri if something happened between him and Linda but Banri tries to dodge the question.


Then the lovely Chinami shows up and invites them to the film club’s welcoming hosted by her and Koko rejects the invitation.

Chinami really wants Koko to go so Banri helps her to get Koko to go to the Party.

At the Party, Chinami does opening remarks and got the Party started.

Mitsuo then asks why Koko is here so she replied with that Banri persuade her to come and then the conversation is at a standstill making 2D-kun wonder what’s wrong with those two.

Then they heard some noise at the room behind them and it’s no other than…

The Party Hard Tea Club (O_O;)

The heated conversation with Mitsuo and Koko continues but then leads to involving Chinami. Then Koko tells Mitsuo to confess to her right now which he did but in the second half, Chinami rejects him and gave him a shock and apparently Koko was chain to this effect since Mitsuo actually confessed to Chinami and also came in shock.

Banri then becomes irritated with this so he gave the Tea Club some offerings (aka Mitsuo and Koko).

Back to Chinami’s Party, Chinami shows Banri and 2D-kun her Video Camera that she dubs “The Okamera”. She was using it to film everyone at the party and plans to make like a movie out if it and then asks Banri and 2D-kun to say something.

After the Party, they pick up the “remains”.

Banri then tries and bring Koko home but she’s all tipsy.

Koko wants to do more stuff with Banri like talk about Mitsuo but then Banri finally lost and said that he can’t be friends anymore with her.

Then Banri asked her a yes/no question…

Banri: Do you still want to be friends with me?

Then Banri got pissed since he knows she only wants to be with him because he understands her true self and then returns the gift she gave him in Episode 5. Banri then calls a cab for Koko and then parted ways.

The next day after club activities, Linda asks Banri if he had a fight with Koko but then Banri changed the subject with why she didn’t say anything after the accident.

Then he ran off with Linda chasing after him and the conversation continued at the restroom. Linda told him that she was afraid that she might lose him again and would regret it if it was her fault.

Then she talked about that at the day after graduation, she wanted to tell him her answer but didn’t make it in time and feels bad about it.

Outside, Koko is standing around and saw Linda walking out upset while Banri is sulking in the restroom.

At night, Koko is still standing around and this time sees Banri walking out upset and asks if something happened between him and Linda. Banri then screams out “Yes” and begins running off into a random direction with Koko chasing after him.

Banri then stops at a bridge and then decides if he should jump over and redo everything again but then Koko stops him and confesses her love for him.

This episode was really…Wow. We see Original Banri (Soul) and Linda’s flashback before the accident, Mitsuo getting rejected by Chinami which made both him and Koko be in shock, Current Banri (Body) unfriending Koko due to that he couldn’t handle her anymore, Current Banri and Linda finally have that discussion why she never said anything about the past which then became the an ultimate drama scene in the restroom, and Koko trying to stop Current Banri from jumping off the bridge to redo everything again and confesses to him after.
Current Banri, why you make Original Banri’s friend (and probably his future wife) cry like that?! So much for Banri x Linda! Now it’s heading for the Banri x Koko route! (>_<;)

I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko

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  1. broke my heart :( I want Linda to win but Koko is beautiful! But that's all she has is her looks (for now anyways). Seeing Tada make Linda cry ... </3

    I wonder if she truly fell in love with him or if she's just saying it so that he stays around.