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Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 8 - The Beginning?

The time for the lull is now, and things aren't looking too good for Akihito. Just what is Izumi planning?

Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 8

Izumi called upon a lady in order to test out some kind of spell/skill she hasn't used in awhile. It looked like it was going to be a yuri moment, but was quickly turned into her drowing, then standing there lifeless. Izumi tells the old man that she swears on the Nase clan she will bring her plan to fruition.


Sakura and Mirai are roommates now that Sakura isn't out to kill Mirai. They share a cute moment in the morning as Mirai tries to wake her up in order to get ready for school.


When they get to the train station, they really do act like sisters. Sakura is brushing Mirai's messy hair, while also instigating moments between Mirai and the sleeping Akihito. He admits that he spent 7 hours the night before trying to figure out what Mirai would look better in. Sakura surprises us by snatching and wearing the glasses Akhito holds out.

Even in class, Sakura shows her cuteness by sleeping in class, then being woken up by Nino-san using the force of a stomp. Nino-san shows us her oni side right after the mention of "marriage" as she states she'll be taking a week off of school to attend personal matters.

Back at Ayaka-san's place, Akihito received another letter from his mom warning him about the incoming lull. Ai-chan explains that dreamshades generally get weaker, which many Spirit Hunters take advantage of (one being Nino-san). This also means Akihito could lose his immortality being a half-shade.

As they're walking home, Hiromi goes into his usual siscon mode, wondering why Mitsuki didn't want to walk home with him. She had run off on her own, where she was approached and offered a ride by Fujima Miroku.

Not creepy...
He takes Mitsuki for a drive talking about the upcoming lull and the supposed ancient dreamshade. He also explains that Mirai and Izumi had some history as well. Izumi had saved Mirai from being killed by the family after Yui's death. Izumi is also seen on the same train as Akihito as they talk about her.

Miroku brings her to the beach, where he begins to make some kind of approach to her. Hiromi comes in out of nowhere and a battle begins. With great animation, it quickly ends with Miroku escaping and Mitsuki showing her dere side.

On the train Akihito was on, he was dreaming of his past where kids were afraid of him and Hiromi is shown bleeding on the floor with blood on Akihito's hands. He wakes up to Izumi in front of him, where she casts the same technique she practiced at the beginning of the episode on him. He falls asleep as she makes her leave.

Turns out Akihito had come down with some kind of illness, whether it be from the effects of the lull or from Izumi's spell. Being a half-shade makes it very hard to treat. The clock almost strikes 12, which is when the lull makes its appearance.

Fujima Miroku is shown with some kind of goo, saying the bait has been set.

Midnight strikes, and the show begins. Nino-san goes crazy, attacking all the dreamshades that came out from the shockwave she gave. Izumi shows up and outclasses every other Spirit Hunter in the area as well.

Mitsuki and Hiromi are shown in a bus talking about Miroku and how what he said could be true or it could not be true. Just then, they get a text message from Mirai telling them about Akihito. They rush over to see him.

Sakura and Mirai are walking back to Akihito after going shopping. Mirai explains that around Akihito, she feels normal. He treats her like a normal person and she really feels comfortable around him especially since she came from a cursed bloodline.

At the shop where Akihito lay ill, Fujima Miroku confronts Ayaka-san. He tells her he's taking him into custody which begins a battle between Ayaka-san and him. She transforms into a fox, whose powers are still strong while being weakened by the lull, and proves to be a formidable opponent.

Izumi interrupts the battle just as Ayaka-san was about to get hit.

Akihito is shown laying in bed, but slowly transforming to his demon form.



A lot of plot progression this episode. Akihito being a half-shade, is beginning to transform into his ferocious demon form while Izumi is also slowly putting her plan into action. Not to mention Miroku has his own agenda.

The first half of the episode was rather cute, showing Sakura and Mira's new (or old?) relationship. The way they are basically sisters now is really fun to watch, and probably really good for both Mirai and Sakura. Sakura isn't dumb either, as she notices a lot of the things that are actually going on (i.e. Mirai's "feelings" for Akihito).

After all the cutesy fun stuff, the episode gets a little more serious. The lull came, and things aren't looking too well for Ayaka-san who looked like she just dodged a bullet. With the revelation from Miroku that there's something up with the Nase clan, Mitsuki and Hiromi are on alert as well.

The action, the whole dark feeling, and Akihito beginning to turn into a shade really makes it more interesting. Just what is going to happen to Akihito? Will Mirai/Mitsuki/Hiromi be able to save him? What is Izumi planning and what did her spell do to him? What is that goo that Miroku talked to?

Judging from the preview, we'll get more focus on the lull and what events take place because of it, and the situation looks like it  takes a turn for the worst as Izumi is heard saying "kill him" when focused on Akihito. I'm looking forward to the action we'll be getting.



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