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Little Busters!: Refrain Episode 7 - May 13th

As Riki and Rin get caught, their lives are seemingly reset but Riki can't shake the feeling that everyone knows something that he and Rin do not.

Little Busters!: Refrain Episode 7

Riki dreams about the events that happened with Rin as they were caught by the police. He wakes up to a familiar "Kyousuke's back!" and Masato running out of the room to fight. The only difference is that this time, it's in the middle of the night.

Back again??
Riki follows into the cafeteria where Kengo and Masato are fighting. Usually, Riki would look to Kyousuke for help, but he wasn't around. Riki decided to try and act like Kyousuke and act as the mediator establishing rules but Masato and Kengo quickly refuse Riki's acts.

Cafeteria showdown? Again?
Woah chill!
Slashed Riki's back

As breakfast rolls around, Masato is at the table with a cut on his face while Kengo comes in with a fractured arm. Kengo is forced to withdraw from the upcoming tournament so he asks Riki to find something fun to do. Riki then has to leave in order to pick up Rin. Kengo gives off a dismayed face as he leaves.

Rin is inside an elementary school surrounded by children. She has become afraid of people, and finds comfort in little kids. Riki is the one dropping her off and picking her up from the school. They even eat together alone in his room.

What happened to Rin?
Playing with kids?
Rin doesn't look too well
Riki goes to see Kyousuke who shut himself up inside his room. It's dark and desolated, and Kyousuke sits alone in the corner reading manga. It is not the usual Kyousuke that we know. Riki asks if he's concerned about Rin but he replies that Rin is just a spineless weakling who can't make any friends without his help. He tells Riki that he won't find the answer to anything - not in this world.

Good question
What? Another world then?
Sitting outside near the baseball field, Riki contemplates how everyone has changed and no one is the same. As a baseball rolls up to him, he begins to think of a way to get everyone back together like how they used to be. He doesn't remember any of the baseball times that they had all previously shared, but couldn't shake the nostalgic feeling that the baseball held.

There is something wrong with Riki's face
Will never be the same...
Back in the room with Kengo and Masato, Riki asks Kengo what's happening with Kyousuke. He tells him to forget about Kyousuke and just focus on Rin. He tells Riki that Rin only talks to Riki because she loves him and deep down, Rin feels this. He also reminds Riki to find something fun for them to do before leaving the room.

Kengo has spoken!
That smile
Riki decides to be like Kyousuke and try and gather everyone together. He takes Rin out to try and help her come out of her shell like Kyousuke did, and came to the conclusion of using baseball. Rin turns out to be an excellent thrower with lousy aim and it's hard to believe she has "no" experience.

You can't, Riki.
Back to normal!
Especially this one
He tries to tell Kyousuke thinking that he'd be interested in joining but he isn't interested in the slightest.

Mystery of the world? Or...secret?
Kengo and Masato end up going to the baseball field, but Kengo is only there to yell at Riki telling him he's doing the same thing that Kyousuke had been doing. Masato also leaves leaving Rin and Riki to themselves.

Angry Kengo
*facepalm* Riki you messed up
What's "the rest"??
Riki decides that he himself needs to uncover this secret that everyone is hiding from him and Rin and form the Little Busters again.



The days seem to have reset and Riki doesn't remember anything that had previously happened. Is this part of the Secret of the World? Everyone seems to know what's going on, but Riki and Rin. And everyone's changed too. As seen with the fight at the beginning, it was more intense with more anger involved. They even brushed off Riki's attempt to help.

Kyousuke's plans seemed to have failed which resulted in him being depressed and not the same Kyousuke. In his room, he's surrounded by a black aura that really looks like it'll engulf him. Is he that far gone?

There's also Kengo who is seen yelling at Riki for repeating what Kyousuke had been doing. He clearly wants Riki to do something differently, but what exactly does he want him to do? Even Masato gives off the mysterious yet hint-filled line, "If you've gotten that far, you should be fine - take care of the rest". The rest? What is "the rest"??

Next episode is titled Proof of the Strongest where Riki must defeat his strongest friend. Is it talking about strength mentally, or physically? Either way, it's going to be one hell of an episode if J.C. does it properly!



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