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Golden Time Episode 5 - Banri (Body) and Banri (Soul)

The Soul wants to tell the Body things that the Body wants to know about Soul before all of this happened.

I really don’t have anything to say this time so let’s begin this episode review…

The episode starts off from Episode 4 where Banri saw a picture with him and Linda in it stating that they indeed were friend before the accident and heads for the bridge that started it all. Wishing that he want to know the past and especially his relationship with Linda, Mitsuo calls and asks him if he can stay at his place but Banri said he’s not there and started to break into tears.


After the Opening, it turns out that the other Banri (the one before the accident happened) was watching over our current Banri as a wandering soul (like his guardian angel or something) this entire time and really wants to communicate with him but can’t. He even narrated how the accident happened.

It appears that Koko is trying to make a new leaf…

By re-establishing her friendship bonds starting with Banri
What a cute present for Banri and it’s also their symbol of friendship (^_^)

Later that night at his apartment, Banri looks at Koko’s present thinking about what she said about being good friends then looks at the picture of him and Linda together.

Looks like he really wants to know…

The next day, Mitsuo asks Banri what was wrong with him the day before and I think he said no worries. Mitsuo thinks that he might’ve been hard on Koko on that day and once they reach the cafeteria, they saw Koko and…Between 5:34-6:35 was the most epically hilarious thing I’ve ever watched in this series.

I think she hilariously became more delusional when Mitsuo is with them

After that…(holding in laughter)…chat, Linda calls them out. It appears that she was helping Koko with registering to her classes.

Banri then introduces Mitsuo and Linda to each other and Mitsuo later runs off to change his civil law course professor after what Linda said about his current one.

Once he left, Linda then asks them if they’re joining the Festival Club and Koko said they’ll both join which make Linda happy.

Later, Banri and Koko chat about Koko being too positive lately and she said it’s because he is her friend and almost said the real reason why.

At the meeting area where the Festival Club meets, Banri and Koko introduced themselves to the club and they begin doing the Awa dance practice that the club is doing at the Awa dance event.


On the second half, the club part ways and Koko for some reason becomes angry at Banri and starts crying and then starts apologising to him.

Then they went to a coffee shop and chatted some more. One of the topics turns out to be about Linda.

Later that night at Banri’s place, Banri is trying to remember about his relationship with Linda and then a 6-7 minute flashback begins.

In the flashback, it happens to be when Banri is at the hospital 2 months after the accident and tries to walk out of the hospital to see who was flashing a light near his room around 11pm.

And then we see the continuation in Episode 2 from when the person who was wielding the flashlight wasn’t revealed until now and it’s no other than…


It appears that they have met before and chatted. This is where Banri got the idea to go to Tokyo to go for College.

After that flashback chat with Banri (Body) and Linda, Banri (Soul) wants to tell Banri (Body) what Linda truly means to him.

This episode we have Original Banri (Soul) watching over Current Banri (Body) this whole time, Koko being…well I would say trying to live a normal life and having a hilariously awkward chat with Mitsuo, Current Banri and Linda had a conversation a year before the series began, and Original Banri wants to tell Current Banri what Linda meant to him.

Now I’m super curious and want to know about Banri and Linda’s Relationship with each other before that accident! (>_<;)

I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko


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