Thursday, November 21, 2013

Golden Time Episode 7 - Banri and Koko are together?!

Banri x Koko huh… I wonder how delusional will this be haha

Alright, let’s begin the Episode Review.

This episode starts off from Episode 6 where Koko tells Banri that she loves him but then “Bike Boy” ruined the mood… (_ _;)

After the Opening, Koko and Banri are at the Police Station and it appears that they were done talking with Koko. Koko feels bad that she troubled Banri again but he doesn’t mind.

Then Banri started saying that Koko hadn’t gotten over Mitsuo yet due to the fact that Mitsuo confessed to Chinami but Koko wasn’t shocked about that. It turns out that she felt upset about herself and envies Chinami.

After their chat, Koko gave Banri the option to reject her which he refuses (Damn it Banri!) and then Koko’s Father shows up.

KokoPapa (Yes I shortened it) then apologizes to Banri for Koko’s actions and hopes that he’ll still be friends with Koko and intends to apologize to Bike Boy as well. Then Koko says that Banri’s is not her friend but her boyfriend. (…Huh?)

Back at his apartment, Banri then gets a text from Linda.

At least text her back…

The next day, Banri gets off the subway and his new appointed “Girlfriend” is waiting for him.

Am I losing it?! Or are they in Super LALA Land?! (O_O;)

Apparently, Koko was waiting half an hour for him (though she had the option of either texting him and/or going to his place and spend more time with him but didn’t think about it till later).

Skipping the part about her being like dog, lovey dovey time with Banri, and Koko’s parents think Koko is harmful and want Koko to stay away from her, 2D-kun is surprised that Banri and Koko are together and…

Mitsuo is now a blond

At the Cafeteria, Mitsuo told the reason why his hair is blond and knew that Banri and Koko would be together. Happy that he has load off of his hands, Koko added more weight in and Banri stops her and asks her if she has class and lets her leave before Mitsuo loses it.

After Koko left, Mitsuo talks about what he did during that party and hasn’t spoken to Chinami since.


Then Chinami tells Banri and 2D-kun that what he did that day doesn’t count as a confession to her.

And then Linda shows up.

Banri! Face your true Partner! Not the door!

On the second half, several days past and Banri and Koko are doing stuff together with Linda texting him almost every day waiting for his reply.

Back at his apartment, Koko visits him and then asks him what happened between him and Linda which got him off guard and told her what happened.

Then Koko opens Banri’s goodie box and both of them freak out. Then this happened…

Apparently, Koko said it’s natural and according to her, Paris is the best place to get things going since Paris is indeed the “City of Love” and then asks Banri if they can go buy a cake and he says yes.

Other than their delusion of the Eiffel Tower, they enter the elevator and a “Familiar face” shows up.

Totally Clueless

The next day (I think…), Banri ignores more of Linda’s texts while Linda encounters Nana.

Later, Banri gets a phone call that there’s a leak at the apartment next to his and they want him to make sure that his apartment isn’t flooded and leaves.

Once he returns to the apartment and finds out that Nana was the one he and Koko met at the elevator the other day and is also his next door neighbour.

She later told Banri that the flood is a lie and then opens her door revealing Linda and then kicks her out of her apartment and forces Banri and Linda to talk to each other while she goes back inside.

In Banri’s apartment, Linda tells Banri that Nana is a Third-year and used to be in the Festival Club due to she was busy with her band and work.

Then Linda begins crying and begins apologizing to Banri saying that she confused him even more by doing those half-hearted things the moment they met again but feels really happy that they get to meet again and Banri also begins crying. He told her that he ran and was afraid as well as he didn’t know what she was thinking.

Linda sees the picture that made Banri remember and then told Banri about their relationship before the accident and how why he was there in the first place aka waiting for her answer but was kinda late arriving.

In the end, Linda tells Banri that he is important to her but then Koko calls him saying that something is happening with Mitsuo at her end.

This episode we see Koko’s father (or KokoPapa) for the first time, Koko x Banri, a blond Mitsuo, Nana with no make-up, Mitsuo evading Chinami, and Banri evading Linda but settled their past together thanks to Nana who turns out to be a Third-year and Banri’s next door neighbour.

I wonder how the next episode will turn out…

I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko

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  1. I'm still shipping Linda x Banri! NO offense to Koko, but Linda is just too perfect<3