Thursday, December 12, 2013

Golden Time Episode 10 - Banri is...

Yes! Most of my questions are answered! (^_^)

 Let’s begin the Episode Review.

This episode continues off from the end of Episode 9 where Original Banri finally regains his body and plans to see Linda but he suddenly slips on a slipper and falls. Then all of Original Banri’s memories flashed before our eyes and Current Banri wakes up.

Confused on what just happened, Current Banri has an interest in Linda. He then gets the mirror Koko gave him and saw that his chin got hurt. Then he went back to bed.

After the Opening, it is morning and it appears that Banri is sick.

Banri, go back to bed.

Banri then starts thinking about what happened last night clearly knowing about his love for Linda is strong and starts to look for the picture of Original Banri and Linda where he placed it but it turns out to be missing.

He decides to go to the Hospital but fell down in front of Nana’s apartment.

He’s enjoying the cool cement in front of your apartment (^_^) Now go help him

Nana then takes him to the hospital and Banri gets checked. During the taxi ride back, Banri is complementing her for being kind which apparently pisses her off.

They’re back at the apartment complex and Nana kicks Banri to the elevator. Banri then complains and said that Linda is nicer than her and what do you know…

Lucky Banri got my wish!!

Nana then leaves Linda to take care of Banri while going to get some smokes (really really bad for you unless it’s the “medical” kind and you “really” need it *wink* *wink*)

The preferred couple (that most of us fans want) head for Banri’s apartment and Linda takes care of Banri by feeding him, giving him meds, have small talk with him…

He’s living my “being taken care of by a pretty woman” fantasy… (_ _; )
Damn it…Tag out! Fuuko Time! o(>_<; )o

Banri then ask Linda why she was here and she said Nana text her and she was surprised and waited at the apartment till they returned.

That’s not the not his only head that’s smiling

Then Linda begins feeding Banri and giving him meds while Banri silently said “Thank you Linda”.

And then, Banri monologues that Linda’s Banri is Original Banri and then Nana goes and checks on them and leaves. Then they talked a little bit about Nana and then Linda said that she informed Koko and then Banri monologues and says that he wants to be with Linda and him with Koko seem to be a dream to him.

And then…Koko arrives and say that Banri is cheating.

On the second half, Koko begins saying that she’s angry that Banri is cheat on her but it turns out to be joke and then 2D-kun and Mitsuo shows up as well and of course joking around.

Then they started to have conversation.

You better be scared

After Koko does all this lovey dovey stuff, scaring Linda, and noticed that Nana was his neighbour, she thanks Linda for taking care of Banri but Mitsuo says it was the opposite and was worried and also asking them to hold her down if shit gets real and they begin fighting while 2D-kun and Linda finally introduced each other.

Linda then stops them from fighting with Koko apologizing and Linda changing her face to look like Nana to show 2D-kun. Linda then asks what they are doing in summer vacation and they didn’t think about it and then they ask Linda but quickly dodged the question and changed the subject to the beach.

And the MI-ZU-GIS!

Quickly the whole group plan on going to the beach and Banri begins sleeping.

It is night time and Banri wakes up with Koko at the side waiting for him to wake up.

In the end, they have chat and it went somewhere that they should go to the beach alone and together and apparently Banri agrees.

Summary-wise, Banri got sick, got Nana, Linda and Koko to take care of him, Banri and Koko promise to go to the beach alone together, and Banri is more in love with Linda.
I wonder if Banri will have to choose between Linda and Koko later in the series. With his memories mixed now, the victor seems to be in Linda‘s favour but who knows…

I’ll end this off with the next episode’s preview.

Till next episode!

- Fuuko

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  1. >Instead of going to Paris to do the ecchi
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