Saturday, May 18, 2013

5000 Views!!! Woohoo!

Hello! I just wanted to thank all you guys who check out my blog. I just passed 5000 views (5026 at the time I'm typing this up) in a span of 1 1/2 months and it feels amazing knowing people have actually read what I wrote.
Now there isn't anything in particular that I can do as a thank you unless you guys want to me type out thank you 1000x but I'd rather not lol but again, I'll just say it once and in bold letters :)

Thank You!

I'm still working on my blog and you should expect some nice cool changes in the future. There are tons of things I want to try out and hopefully I'll be able to put them on this blog.

By the way, Char is one of my favorite girls ever so I'll just post a kawaii picture of her...

Thanks again guys! I hope to only improve myself and what I write along with this blog! You guys are the best :D



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