Friday, May 10, 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 6 - An Agent from Ente Isle? Good or Bad?

Sup guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 6th episode of Hataraku Maou-sama which delivers another great episode with tons of funny moments.

Lucifer has discovered a point where it's possible that there's a connection to magic and says a gate was opened there before. This leads to the team exploring this piece of information and it turns out it's in an old building inside Chi-chan's school.

7 mysteries inside an old abandoned school building? Typical cliche scenario but Hataraku Maou-sama proves that its able to do it simple fashion while keeping it interesting.

It starts off with Maou, Ashiya, and Chi-chan exploring and talking about the 7 mysteries of the school. Right on cue, Miss Emi Yusa joins the party asking why there are two guys and a schoolgirl alone in the school in the middle of the night. It leads to them running away from her since Maou believes "nothing good comes from being with her".

It was fun to watch them try and escape Emi. It was even more fun watching Emi flip out and pull her sacred sword in order to cut the doll. For a hero, she sure loses her cool easily. Must be the tsundere effect xD
In the end, it was all part of Lucifer's plan to retrieve his little PSVita. Having realized this, the team stormed out with Ashiya mentioning to sell it for money. Lucifer is evil indeed...but Ashiya is on a whole different level.

Another thing we find out is that the church is really behind everything. They already pronounced Emi and Maou to be dead and are obviously trying to rule the land now. Propaganda. Too bad Emi is alive and her comrades know that. The only conclusion they came up with was to kill her comrades, and Emi herself in order to keep the truth hidden. They decided to send a girl over to the human world to deal with this.

Throughout their adventure in the school, it seems like this girl was watching them the whole time. At the end, we get to see who she is and it also seems like she's taking a liking to the Japanese traditions as she dressed in a beautiful Kimono. She doesn't seem like a bad person from what we've seen so far, but you never know. She is an agent from the other world who is supposedly supposed to kill them. It'll be interesting to see how her personality is. We'll see plenty of her too considering she'll probably be living with them. 4 people in that cramped apartment...LOL.

What was really interesting int his episode was the charm for evil ;) If it can take down 3 powerful demons, one being the Demon Lord, just what is it? We never got to see a full picture, but I'm sure it was for our own safety.

We got tons of great shots this episode, but the winner would probably be seeing Emi in a ponytail. It's almost impossible to go wrong with a ponytail...especially when there's a sole braided strand hanging out *nosebleed*

And don't worry, I didn't forget Chi-chan<3

Overall, the episode again delivered its usual. Great humor, the gags between Maou and Emi are priceless, plus a nice pace at which the plot advances. There's still tons of questions, but one question I really want to know is who is Miki-T really? I'm really looking forward to the next episode!

See you next episode guys!



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