Saturday, May 18, 2013

Date a Live Episode 7 - Tokisaki Kurumi and Shido's Real Sister

Yo guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 7th episode of Date a Live which fully introduces the new spirit Tokisaki Kurumi codenamed Nightmare as well as Mana who is Shido's blood sister and the ace of the JDSDF.

The episode starts off with a mock battle between the ASTs and Mana. Origami being the ace of the ASTs is the last one standing but ultimately no match at all for Mana. Mana is also known as the only one to ever kill a spirit. She says it's not really the same case as the other spirits which is backed up by the fact that this episode shows Mana killing Kurumi, but she shows up at school the next day. Maybe you guys can take a hint here ;)

Kurumi ends up being a new transfer student at school and during her introduction she boldly exclaims that she is a spirit which turns out to be true. Shido is set off to try and get her to fall in love with him like the plan always is but this time it's different considering Kurumi's personality. If anything, it can be seen as her trying to seduce Shido which is backwards.
Kurumi is another gorgeous girl and it's interesting to see her making moves on Shido without getting shy or anything. Her voice doesn't really fit her yet, but it's probably something that we'll get used to once she starts going crazy lol. She is the psycho one with the crazy laugh in the trailer and if you didn't realize, you can already tell that she's a little off.

The next scene is where Mana introduces herself to Shido and she announces that she is her sister. She jumps into his arms saying "nii-sama" which catches everyone off guard.
Kotori didn't take this too well and it's obvious that Kotori has a brocon - especially when she mentions how a blood sister can't marry him.
We find out that Shido is indeed adopted and Mana has no recollection of the past aside from the last couple years. Could this be because of some special training in order for her to get this good at such a young age or is there something else...

Yoshino and Tohka's reactions were pretty funny. Especially how Tohka took this as mixing two "forbidden fruits" into one as food. Mana's voice doesn't suit her too much either but we can probably get used to that as time goes on.

The ending involved something very key. As you guys saw, Kurumi was killed by Mana in the alley so when they did a role call, Origami said that Kurumi won't be coming to school anymore. But to her surprise, she shows up. How? Was she not supposed to be dead? It obviously has to do with part of her spirit powers, right?

Pay attention to Kurumi's left eye. It's a clock. Now I'll just leave it at that as I don't want to spoil anything for you guys but I'd say it's pretty obvious.

This episode introduced one of the best girls and Shido's real sister. Maybe we'll be able to get some answers now about why Shido can seal and regenerate. We'll also probably be getting a very interesting fight between Kurumi and everyone else. Will they manage to get her to join them?
As usual, they left out quite a bit from the light novel and they still haven't told us about Origami and her past. They've hinted a few things but not much. Why does she hate spirits so much?
Oh, did anyone else find it funny when Mana asked Origami's relationship with Shido and she said lovers? You go girl! xD

Anyways, see you guys next episode! It's going to cover the triple date and trust me it's going to be interesting and funny.



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