Friday, May 03, 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 5 - Maou is Maou for a Reason

Sup guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 5th episode of Hataraku Maou-sama which finally delivers the much anticipated action we've been waiting for.

Maou being Maou is no joke. His ability to deduct what's going on is showed off. He already knew what was happening with Lucifer and he knew that he was getting help from someone from the church. I expect no less from someone who was feared as he was.

Maou regained his powers and as we saw before, he is jacked. We get a clearer view of what he looks like and he does look fearsome indeed. Definitely gives off the Demon Lord vibe. His power is no joke either. He is able to hold up this huge section with just one hand.\

Of course, what really makes this show amazing is how it manages to incorporate comedy in the serious situations. Emi and Maou  make such a great pair and we can't forget about Alsiel who makes up the one-two punch with Maou.

"What the fuck are you doing?!"
With Emi going into hero mode and Maou in his Demon Lord form, it's obvious how the situation is going to unfold. What was unexpected was how Emi was saved by Alsiel. I thought he'd just remain on the sides and would find out about the battle at the end but instead he makes his appearance.

One of the more ironic lines was when Maou finally placed the falling debris down nice and slowly and claimed he was "Mr. Nice Guy" which well...doesn't suit the Demon Lord at all. The way he speaks of himself always makes me laugh. He can be serious when he has to be but he can also be very nonchalant
about things.

"But, I'm Mr. Nice Guy!"
In the end, Lucifer and Cueball were put in their rightful places. Maou really showed off why he is Maou.

Next episode is seems like Lucifer joins the cast. I wonder how much more interesting his presence will make things. His VA is always plays a relatively funny character so I'm just hoping it doesn't bring down the quality.

Emi's friends also came. They are actually really nice people but I was surprised they left so fast. I have a feeling that once they go home and tell the church, the church is going to act in a way that Cueball did. They most definitely know what's going on and now that the hero and her comrades figured out, it'll be bad if other's found out as well.

I'll finish this episode off with some pictures of Chi-chan<3

Anyways, hope to see you guys next episode!



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