Sunday, May 05, 2013

Date a Live Episode 5 - Yoshino is Saved; Origami is Bold, and Shido is Her Hero

Sup guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 5th episode of Date a Live which is the conclusion of the Yoshino arc.

The conclusion came quick. I didn't expect it to be wrapped up in 2 episodes so it did feel rushed. They left out a lot of things too. One important thing they've been leaving out is about Origami and her family. In the light novels, and in particular during their meetup this episode, it's explained that her parents were killed by a spirit of fire which is why she resents them so much.

Anyways, now that the oh-so-cute Yoshino has lost her powers and is also quite fond of Shido, their interactions will be quite amusing. They live next door to each other and she also now lives with Tohka. I wonder how well they'll get along...

The highlight of this episode was Origami and her maid outfit. Oh.My.Gosh. It was awesome.

The fact that she isn't afraid to "make her move" and isn't someone who holds back makers her 10x more awesome. She was so cute, especially when she said "I can't" (3rd picture from this set) and man ...hahaha.
It'll be really nice to see her backstory and why she is part of the ASTs but the way they've been doing the show, I doubt we'll get a satisfying episode/scene.

Another key thing was mentioned this episode. Kotori mentioned spirit force to Shido. You guys can take it how you will but it's pretty obvious what it means. He has the power of a spirit and that's why he's able to regenerate/seal other powers. It'll be interesting to see how everything plays out once more cards come into play.

Tohka also gets her powers back this episode. She's not at full power. but it's enough to fight the AST and use her Angel. I find it funny how her incomplete Astral Dress really emphasizes her cleavage xD Nothing wrong with that...right guys?

Overall, the episodes so far have felt a little rushed. After the filler next episode, we'll be jumping into the Kurumi arc which is the last one they'll be covering for this season. Trust me though, if they do it right, her arc is epic. Oh, and she's freaking cute and awesome and yeah...

Now, here's our tsundere Tohka<3 (could use more Kotori though >_<)

See you guys next episode!



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