Sunday, May 12, 2013

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 6 - Glad They Made Up! Yukino Next??

Sup guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 6th episode of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru which resolves Yui and Hikky's problem and leads up into the next.

Yukino finds out about Yui's birthday and as her friend, she wants to celebrate it with her. She decides to get her a present and gets Hikky to tag along as well as his kawaii imouto but she disappears almost right away. I'll admit, she's a cunning one :P

Yukino stuns the viewers by showing up in a twintail full of moe. My heart wasn't ready for it, but she did it. If her attitude was more girly and cutesy, I probably would have had a heart attack xD

As they go through the day, Yukino somehow had to resolve to having Hikky pretend to be her boyfriend in order to go into certain stores without him looking like a creep. I'm surprised she let him do this knowing her personality but she did ask him in a way where he felt it was very condescending.
I'm really glad that Hikky didn't overreact like most MCs and actually took it in a calm manner. He didn't get flustered or blushed like crazy but knew that it was in fact an act. There's no way she would want it anything otherwise.

They ended up running into someone unexpected: Yukino's older sister.

Man is she gorgeous. She is definitely eye-candy and like Hikky said, is every man's ideal woman. Her personality, looks, everything about her screams "I'm perfect!".
But that was just it. It was all an act that Hikky easily saw through. A fake to put on in front of people. This again shows that this MC is far apart from many of the other generic MCs. I'm guessing she plays a part in Yukino's drama-that-is-yet-to-come but we'll probably see it real soon.

The episode wouldn't have been great without Yui coincidentally seeing Yukino and Hikky together which looked like a date to her. She got a little upset and flustered which sucked seeing because it was a misunderstanding.

As she came to the clubroom the next day, everything was cleared up. I'm happy that this is over with but I did kind of expect it to be more dramatic.
It was pretty funny that Hikky gave her a dog collar and she thought it was a necklace and put it on. Poor Yui LOL.

I have a feeling we'll be starting on Yukino's troubles. Hikky took a good look at her notebook she always has and then the key dramatic music kicked in. I wonder what her problem is. Hopefully it'll be really dramatic hahaha.

Oh, and we can't forget Hikky's epic line when it comes to dating:
"If some broad called me in the night, crying, I'd break up with her right then and there"
Words of wisdom boys LOL.

Anyways, see you guys next episode!



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