Friday, May 17, 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 7 - Suzuno Is Kawaii! And Another Enemy?!

Sup guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 7th episode of Hataraku Maou-sama! which introduces our new adorable character and also a possible new enemy.

The episode starts off with Suzuno visiting Maou and Ashiya and greets them in a very formal way. In fact, she is talking in a very old way (I want to say edo-period but I don't know shit lol) and it really just makes her weird. It was hilarious when she began to pull out the picture of Miki-T that she sent her and Maou and Ashiya's reactions.

Their reaction to the picture
Emi makes her usual appearance by falling down the stairs but this time it was into Maou's arms. Being the tsundere she is, it led to very dire consequences for Maou. Poor guy..

So it's pretty obvious who Suzuno really is. She was sent from Ente Island to get rid of Maou so she's really an assassin. Emi had a nice talk with her which resulted in something very interesting. I'm surprised Emi was actually spot on but she mistook it for the same situation as Chi-chan so all she can do is support her. Suzuno on the other hand thinks that Emi knows her true intentions and asks for help in that regard. Oh these silly situations always make me lol.

Oh the irony
The next really funny scene of course involved Chi-chan. She had seen the bento Suzuno had made for him and she totally flipped out.

Annnnnnd the bottom turned out to be a heart which basically secured victory here. Poor Chi-chan. She even called Emi acting all serious like it was an emergency only to announce that Maou had gotten a bento with a heart inside. She's as cute as ever though.

Now on to the other interesting point in this episode. Emi was attacked by an unknown person/demon. He had the ability to shoot purple lasers from his eyes and they seemed to do something to Emi. He also weirlds a scythe and didn't go down easily. Who is this person?

I have a feeling it's either Emi's friend sending her a way to test out her replenished Sacred Power or it could be the Sentucky rival trying to sabatoge things. In this episode, we're informed of McGronalds' rival Sentucky planning to possibly make a move. But it'd be hard to find true seeing how they can use magic and why would they attack Emi?
There's also the possibility of it being Lucifer which is the obvious choice because of the purple and he did want to take out Emi and Maou before.

Overall, the episode provided just enough laughs as expected but also continues with its plot. We got a nice breather where we're introduced Suzuno and this possible new enemy.
You can really see the development between Maou and Emi. Even Suzuno mentioned how they talk to each other carefree. It'll be interesting to see the romantic feelings begin to develop between them (sorry Chi-chan!).

P.S. Emi has a cute ringtone :3 and of course here's another picture of Chi-chan:

Anyways, see you guys next episode!



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