Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Episode 7 - The Summer Trip

Sup guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 7th episode of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru which brings us on a summer club activity plus sheds some light on a possible situation between Yukino and Hayama.

The episode begins with Hikky not answering his phone. Hiratsuka-sensei was really persistent to the point it became scary. Her last message especially would strike fear in people: "Answer the phone." when it's said like that, it will definitely have an effect. I would know from personal experience xD

SO Hikky was tricked by his ever-so-cute imouto (and I'm serious. She has gotten cuter! Pics at the end hehe) and with the normal crew they headed off to a summer camp ground in order to supervise a bunch of elementary kids which was what Hiratsuka-sensei wanted lol.
Surprisingly, Hayama and his crew were there too and with Yukino not liking Yumiko there were bound to be sparks.

First off, the group notices a problem with the elementary kids. There is one girl, Tsurumi Rumi who appears to be somewhat of a loner. Someone who gets shunned by the other girls.

She's a super cute girl but she's isolated from the other girls. They give her looks and are constantly sneering at her.
She really does resemble Yukino though and her personality is almost the same. You could even say she's the child of Yukino and Hikky haha.

Hayama was constantly trying to help her out by including her into the group but it honestly only had a negative effect. He just couldn't do anything. When she ended up talking to Hikky, Yui, and Yukino, she said that they Hikky and Yukino were different and she did feel comfortable enough to talk to them. She explained how everything was stupid and they were so childish. Being shunned like that was a normal occurrence for girls there.
Yukino gave her the honest truth with her normal straight-forward attitude saying that middle-school won't be much different even if she just keeps going on like this. She also further explained that being shunned like this was normal and that it wasn't always just her. It would be a different girl each time and she would even join in and go along with it since everyone else was. She realized she shouldn't be doing something like that.

When everyone was talking this problem out, the topic became a little heated. Yukino has obvious beef with Yumiko and they ended up getting into an argument which continued later that night which led to Yumiko crying.
There was also Yukino telling Hayama that he couldn't do anything about it which is a possible clue to Yukino's past.

From the looks of it, and the fact that they've known each other since they were children, I'd say he tried the same approach he had when helping Rumi on Yukino when they were younger. Yukino was probably isolated and alone and he tried to include her in things but Hayama only made things worse. At least that's what I believe. They definitely had something in the past which is why whenever Yukinon brings something up, he doesn't object to it or holds harsh feelings. Just what did happen? Hopefully we'll find out soon.

Next episode will probably conclude Rumi's arc and then lead into Yukino's past. I can't wait to find out the connection she has with Hayama. Maybe they have an arranged marriage or something LOL hope not.

This episode provided plenty of funny moments too. There's Saika the untouchable trap...

He was even dreaming about Hikky...I for one would definitely be creeped out and would not be able to sleep lol.
Hikky almost showed us one of his inner desires. He could quite possibly be a closet lolicon...

His fantasy - The Lolier
And don't forget about the BL crazy girl Ebina! There always has to be one girl who's into BL...

Now for some cute pictures of Hikky's super-duper-duper kawaii imouto and of course Yui and Yukino<3

Anyways, see you guys next episode! I'm really liking this show so far.



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