Monday, May 27, 2013

Date a Live Episode 8 - The Triple Date! Kurumi is so Sexy!...and Dangerous!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 8th episode of Date a Live which features the triple date I was looking forward to and also shows off just how sexy and twisted Kurumi really is.

The episode starts off with Shido asking Kurumi out on a date, followed by Tohka asking Shido on a date, then followed by Origami telling Shido they're going on a date LOL. It's always nice seeing Origami do these kinds of things.
The way Tohka got Shido to go on a date was quite interesting...I know it definitely would have worked on me haha.

Fast forward to the date, it seems like Shido is given an almost impossible task. He has to somehow manage being on a date with three people at once. I'm surprised none of them really caught on to what he was doing. You'd think going to the bathroom so many times would be a little suspicious...

Tohka arrived in a beautiful outfit. It really fit her personality and watching her get flustered/excited is a treat. She really did look beautiful.

Can I just say that Kurumi is FREAKING SEXY?! Goddamn. Thank you Shido, for following through with the lingerie store and the sexy outfit. You have pleased my eyes. Kurumi has to be one of the most sexy girls I've seen in awhile.

And don't forget about Origami. She's the same as always. She arrived an hour early and said she just got there which was hilarious but fitting for her personality. When she ate Shido's food while he was gone I lol'd. She is so cute whenever she does these things simply because she is serious about it. The love hotel was hilarious too.

What good would a triple date be if there weren't any problems? Tohka and Origami coincidentally bumped into each other and we're reminded of their rivalry xD

The end of course is where we again witness how truly twisted Kurumi is. She ends up killing more people and in a very brutal way. We even see her shoot holes through a target in one person's stomach. Shido had to witness it all and that meant Kurumi could no longer hold back so he had to try and run away. That's when Kurumi took him down and got on top of him (this isn't that kind of situation unfortunately) but in the nick of time, Mana comes in and saves him.

Something else can note is that we saw Mana getting tested on. What does that mean? Is she some kind of superhuman who needs maintenance? Could it be the result of continuously fighting Kurumi? Maybe it has taken a toll on her body. Either way she is quite capable and easily takes out Kurumi...or so it seems.

This episode had its funny moments where if I was drinking something, I could have easily spat it out. The girls are unimaginably gorgeous. Even Yoshino's kawai side was well presented in this episode. It sucks she won't be getting much screen time but she is the girl I like the least.
The pacing of the anime is quite fast and I can see it hitting the end soon seeing how the anime is supposedly covering up to volume 4 of the light novel. Still, it'll be interesting to see how they're going to end it.

Also, I don't want to see Origami make this face ever </3

Anyways, another enjoyable episode where Kurumi shines! Haha. See you guys next episode.



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