Monday, May 27, 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode 8 - Suzuno is Kawaii! And Who is the SFC Manager?!

Sup guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 8th episode of Hataraku Maou-sama which as usual, delivers the funny moments we love and the cuteness of its characters without forgetting the ultimate bad buys.

The episode starts off with Chi-chan going over to Maou's house with Emi with Suzuno also being there cooking food. The conversation while they ate hilarious. Suzuno was trying to find work so Maou offered her to work with him and Chi-chan. This was funny because everyone knew how Chi-chan felt about Maou and Suzuno except Maou himself. Why would she want another rival to be in the only place where they're alone together? Lucifer narrating it made it even more funny xD

Following this, Maou walked Chi-chan home where someething unexpected happened. She confessed to Maou with no hesitation. She admitted she was a little bothered by the whole Demon thingy but she said she fell for Maou before she knew all of that and she chooses to love him. She loves everything about him. Maou was taken aback from her straightforwardness but he was sincere and didn't do anything stupid like most MCs do (thank God!).

"I love you"
The insert song that kicked in during the confession was on point and really added on to the effect and gave us the feeling that although she confessed, nothing big was supposed to happen. It was just a pure girl expressing her feelings.

Suzuno also appeared after she overheard Chi-chan's confession and she found out a little bit that Maou is a sincere guy. She didn't expect him to be so caring and worried about Chi-chan that she was at a loss for words. She'll probably come to realize that he actually is a nice guy, despite being the Demon Lord.

Emi ended up taking Suzuno out and she finds out who she really is. Because they both misunderstood each other, their reaction was priceless! Watching Suzuno also go through the modern-day world was hilarious. She really doesn't know anything. The best is when she talks/yells at the machines haha she's just so kawai this episode and I love it!

We also get more information about the SFC across the street from MgRonalds. It's safe to say that the new manager that showed up was the guy who attacked Emi the other night. He could be wearing sunglasses for a reason. He also is a little horndog who quickly hit on Chi-chan. He definitely gives off a very suspicious aura. Either way, his store is outselling MgRonalds and that's gotten Maou and Chi-chan fired up!

We got another great episode filled with everything we love. The comedy was there, and everything was on point. A great setup for the coming episodes. I can confidently say that Hataraku Maou-sama! has the best faces this season...or in awhile in fact. They're hilarious but nothing crazy over the top.

The danger of church was brought up again this episode when Suzuno and Emi were talking. She really told Suzuno off by declining her help and everything. It's nice the Emi knows the Church isn't all what it's made out to be and that they've done some bad things. Hopefully Suzuno's eyes will open as well. It seems she could be someone who'll be there for Emi's sake. I can already see Emi turning on the Church with Maou.

Oh, and I lol'd at Lucifer coming out of the box in the beginning. He gets treated worse than Emi who is Maou's sworn enemy while Lucifer is one of Maou's generals xD

Anyways, can't wait for the next episode. See you then!



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